5 Best Security Plugins For WordPress

Website security is one of the most important things. Security plugins are one of the most important plugins and every WordPress website must have one installed.

There are many plugins that protect websites from different attacks but some plugins can do more than just protection. And you must always choose the best plugins because not every WordPress plugin is good.

How To Choose Security Plugins

When you choose the best plugin for website protection you need to pay attention to several things. Who made it, what users say, how many installs it has, and more.

But more importantly, what features it offers, how and from what type of malware it protects websites, what additional options it has, etc.

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But before you choose and install plugins on a live website, you should always test them on a local machine. See how it works, what features it has, etc.

I picked five of my favorite WordPress security plugins. All plugins have great features, work great, and protect your website.

1. Defender

Defender security plugins

Defender is my favorite WordPress security plugin. It has so many features and really protects your website from hacker attacks, malware, and much more. Has a great free version that can be enough for most websites.

It can scan websites for malware, check WordPress core files, has Firewall, WAF, and 2FA features. Apart from that, it allows you to activate different security header features for more protection. Also, it has a login mask option and a reCaptcha option for comments.

Defender Features:

  • Malware scanning
  • Login mask
  • Firewall
  • WAF

2. iThemes Security

ithemes security

iThemes Security plugin is very popular and one of the most installed ones. It’s very powerful and easy to use. With the free version, you will get all the options and features you need for an intermediate-size website but for more, you need to upgrade to the pro version.

With this plugin, you can check your website’s security, configure different settings, has a 404 detection option, brute force protection, and more. With many other options, it also has a database backup option. It’s a great solution for website protection.

iThemes Security Features:

  • 404 detection
  • Away mode
  • Database backup
  • Brute force protection

3. Wordfence

Wordfence protection

Wordfence is one of the most popular and installed security plugins. It is a very powerful tool that will help you to protect your website. For starters, the free version will be good enough. But if you want to use all its power, you need a pro version. Also, it has a very easy-to-use interface.

With Wordfence you can scan your website and find issues easily. Wordfence has a firewall option, login security, and tools such as Live Traffic, Whois Lookup, and Diagnostics. Also, you can block certain IPs and countries.

Wordfence Features:

  • Firewall
  • Login security
  • Blocking

4. Sucuri Security

Sucuri malware protection

Sucuri Security is a simple yet powerful plugin for website security and protection. It can protect your website from malware and also checks WordPress core files. Although it doesn’t have some fancy features, it is a very powerful plugin with mandatory features.

It will give you recommendations that have to be improved and also offers firewall protection. Some powerful features of Sucuri are PHP file blocking, information leakage protection, disabling theme editor, and more. It adds another protection layer to your website.

Sucuri Features:

  • Scanner
  • Firewall
  • Hardening

5. WP Cerber Security

Cereb security

And the last security plugin on this list is WP Cerber Security which is not as popular as others but is powerful and can protect any WordPress website. This small plugin has awesome features and can add a strong protection layer to your website.

It has a scan option that can be automatic, you can solve issues or ignore and quarantine them. It offers anti-spam protection and ReCaptcha options. With its analytics, you can easily see malicious activities, spam comments, bad IP addresses, and more.

WP Cerber Security Features:

  • Traffic inspector
  • Anti-spam
  • Site integrity


All these WordPress security plugins are very powerful and can protect any kind of website from hackers and malware. You can use the free version of plugins and for more features upgrade to a pro version.

But for most websites and blogs the free version will be enough. So, you can try them by yourself and decide which one is the best security option for you.

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