5 Best Website Builder (WordPress Alternatives)

Today it’s very easy to create a website. You don’t need to know how to code because you can use a website builder. It makes it easier to create any kind of website with some limitations.

Of course, WordPress is the best option for non-coders but you need to learn WordPress. You have to know how it works, how to use plugins, page builders, etc.

And many people just don’t have that much time and also don’t want to pay money for website development. And here comes a website builder. It is based on a drag & drop system and you can build a website in minutes.

Website Builder vs WordPress

What is the difference between WordPress and website builders? Well, the difference is quite big. Although you can build websites with both, there are some big differences.

WordPress is not a website builder, it’s a CMS (Content Management System), and with it, you can build any kind of dynamic websites. It is based on a theme and plugin system. The theme is like website design and the plugin is like functions.

You need to know how to navigate through the dashboard, how pages and posts work, and how to build pages with different page builders. What plugins have to be installed and more.

Also, you need to buy hosting and domain separately. That is another thing to understand. But at the end of the day, WordPress is not that complicated but it needs some time to understand.

On the other hand, website builders work very simply. You just pay a monthly or yearly fee and they host your website on their platform. You can use their domain or buy a custom one.

Also, these website builders are very easy to use. They have a drag & drop interface and also, come with pre-made templates which you can install and will have a website in minutes.

There is not a big difference in pricing but the website builder is a little cheaper. If you want to have a simple, but modern website very quickly and without a hassle, then the website builder is for you.

As we now know what is the main difference, let’s dive in and see what are the best website builders on the market now.


website builder squarespace

Squarespace is one of the most popular website builders now. With it, you can build very beautiful and modern websites in minutes. It allows you to build blogs, online stores, portfolios, etc.

And they have one of the most beautiful templates that you can use. Designs are clean and modern. You can change fonts, colors, and images very easily. Also, they have marketing and SEO tools.

Pricing & Features

Squarespace offers four different plans, annual and monthly. Pricing starts from $12 and goes up to $40 per month. As the price increases so the features.

Some of their features include custom domain, SSL, SEO tools, responsive design, analytics, and more.



Wix is another very popular website builder. Many people start their journey with Wix. It is very easy to start with Wix. It has over 500 already made templates. Everything is done by drag & drop.

Templates are responsive and optimized. You can use default or custom domain. They also have a more sophisticated builder Editor X. It allows you to build more beautiful websites. If you are familiar with design apps like Figma, you will understand it fast.

Pricing & Features

Wix has four plans for websites and three plans for business & eCommerce. The lowest price is $4 and the highest is $35 per month.

Features include 1GB to unlimited bandwidth, different amounts of storage, custom domain, analytics, eCommerce features, etc.


Zyro website builder

Zyro is a relatively new platform. It has beautiful templates like other platforms and has a very modern builder interface. You will create a website very fast and easy. You can build from simple websites to eCommerce platforms.

Also, Zyro uses AI for different products. Other than builders they have logo makers, slogan generator, business name generator, blog title generator, and they are powered by AI. It is a great additional feature.

Pricing & Features

It also has four pricing plans and the cheapest one is $1.99 for the first year. The most expensive one is $13.99. And all plans include free hosting.

It is also a feature-packed platform that gives you unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, SSL, SEO tools, analytics, fast hosting, and much more.



Another cool WordPress alternative is Weebly. Perhaps it doesn’t offer anything new and different but great thing is that you can start for free with Weebly. But it has limited options.

It offers you templates for different websites, eCommerce features, SEO & marketing tools. You can really build beautiful sites with Weebly for free. It is a great start point.

Pricing & Features

As I mentioned, it offers free starter plans and goes up to $25 for websites, and for online stores, it has three plans – $12, $25, and $38.

It offers features like SSL, storage, custom domain, shopping cart, inventory management, shipping calculator, reviews module, etc.


duda builder

I’ve just found out about Duda and I really like it. Very simple and easy to use platform with cool templates and features. Duda is great for small agencies, freelancers, and SaaS platforms.

Other than cool templates and builder they have tools for collaboration, client management, and an app store where you can get apps for booking, CRM, listing, SEO, etc.

Pricing & Features

Pricing plans that Duda offers are great. Basic plans start from $14. They have monthly and annual plans. You get AWS cloud hosting with Duda which is a great feature.

Other features are developer mode, editor, maintenance, dynamic pages, API, beautiful templates, and more.


If you want to create a website and start your business it has never been so easy with the help of a website builder. Choose which one you like the most and try out for yourself and see the power of these platforms.