10 Best WordPress Youtube Channels To Follow

Youtube is a great free resource for WordPress. There are several awesome WordPress Youtube channels you should consider subscribing to.

No matter how good you know WordPress, there are some new things you may miss. So, these Youtube channels are a great way to learn, be up to date, and improve your WordPress skills.

I have watched many tutorials about WordPress on Youtube over the years and for this post I chose my favorite channels, I think you should subscribe to.

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They have great tutorials about plugins, themes, page builders, WordPress in general, and also some WordPress development too.

Let’s dive in and see what are the best WordPress Youtube channels.

1. WPCrafter

WPCrafter is one of my favorite WordPress Youtube channels. You can learn so many things about themes, plugins, and more. Adam, the guy behind it, also has a blog.

Here you will find high-quality videos about page builders, plugins, and also has WordPress tutorials. Many times WPCrafter offers discounts on different WordPress-related products.

2. Darrel Wilson

Another great channel for WordPress is by Darrel Wilson. Awesome guy with great videos about almost everything. I always watch his videos and have learned a lot from him.

He has videos about themes, plugins, Elementor, etc. He teaches you how to create websites from scratch and also has great videos about the best WordPress hosting providers.

3. WP Learning Lab

WP Learning Lab is a great channel you can follow and learn new things about WordPress. You can watch many interesting videos about website speed, different plugins & themes.

This channel is as great for beginners as for intermediate or advanced WordPress designers. You will learn many great tips and tricks. Highly recommended channel.

4. WPTuts

WPTuts is a great Youtube channel you should follow. On this channel, you will find videos that are very well done and explained. Great videos about page builders, plugins, themes, etc.

And also here you will find videos and tutorials about other topics such as SEO. Learn how to create eCommerce websites with WooCommerce, what are the best page builders, and more.

5. LivingWithPixels

LivingWithPixels is one of the best WordPress Youtube channels that is focused on Elementor. And the guy behind the channel – Rino – is a UI designer so he teaches you web design for Elementor.

If you use Elementor as your main page builder and want to learn how to create beautiful websites with it, then you definitely need to follow this channel.

6. WPCasts

WPCasts is a different channel from others. It is aimed at those who want to become WordPress developers. And this channel is full of great videos about WordPress development.

You will learn different things about WordPress development such as creating themes, security, queries, freelancing WordPress, and much more. So, if you want to become a WordPress developer, subscribe to this channel.

7. WPBeginner

If you know WordPress then you definitely know WPBeginner. It is one of the most popular blogs about WordPress. And they also have a great Youtube channel.

Like their blog, they have amazing and in-depth videos about different WordPress-related topics – plugins, themes, tutorials, etc. They have short and on-point videos.

8. Create A Pro Website

Create A Pro Website is a very popular channel on Youtube that makes very good and informative videos. But it covers not only WordPress but other website-related topics.

You will find videos and tutorials on WordPress, print on demand, blogging, SEO, drop shipping, and more. This channel will help you to learn more about websites, blogging, etc.

9. Ferdy Korpershoek

Ferdy is a great guy and has one of the best WordPress Youtube channels. He has great videos with lots of information and you can learn a lot from him. He covers a lot of WordPress topics.

Learn how page builders work, what are the best plugins, which hosting is better, how to create WordPress websites, etc. Also, he has some cool videos about WooCommerce.

10. WP Eagle

WP Eagle is a very interesting channel and you can learn many different and interesting things. It has videos about WordPress but its focus is on different topics.

You can learn new things about blogging, how to make money with a blog, affiliate marketing, SEO, etc. So, you can learn all of this and use it with your WordPress websites.


WordPress Youtube channels are really great way to learn and improve your WordPress skills. These channels not only teach you simple WordPress stuff but also blogging, SEO, marketing, and more. So, I highly recommend subscribing to them.

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