Blocksy Theme Review: Amazing WordPress Theme

Blocksy theme is a relatively new theme but it might be the best and most customizable theme you can find.

There are several great free WordPress themes and we all have favorites. But Blocksy stands out among them with its unique differences.

Like many other WordPress themes, Blocksy theme has a free version that can be found on the WordPress themes repository. It also has a pro version with additional features.

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This theme was created and is maintained by two developers – Sergiu Radu and Andrei Glingeanu. They have very good documentation on the website. Also, you can see all the changes and updates on the changelog.

Now, let’s review the Blocksy theme and see why it’s a great free WordPress theme.

Blocksy Features Overview

First of all, let’s talk about what the Blocksy theme is in general and what features it has.

As I said, it was developed by two developers and was created a couple of years ago. But in this short period of time, it really became one of the best themes.

The theme works with all the major page builders – Elementor, Gutenberg, Brizy, and Beaver Builder. It is a fully responsive theme.

Blocksy is a fast theme, eCommerce & translation ready, and has very clean code. And also, you can control when JavaScript code is loaded. It is great for speed.

blocksy features

It is built with modern technologies such as React, WebPack, Babel, PHP 7. It’s a very modern theme with a great development team.

Blocksy has great documentation. It allows you to understand how it works. Also, you can see every update on the changelog section.

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If you want to modify the core and make it more custom, you can download the Blocksy child theme. You can find the tutorial here.

You can promote the Blocksy theme and get paid with the affiliate program. They have 30-day cookie retention and you can earn up to 30%.

blocksy affiliate

Now, we know a little about Blocksy and it’s time to dive in and find out its features and options.

Blocksy Customization

One of the most important things in free themes is customization. And Blocksy is very solid in this section. It’s a very customizable theme.

First of all, the customization panel is very clean and well-organized. It’s divided into sections. You have general options, posts & pages, social, analytics, and core.


It makes navigation easier. Not many themes offer this type of clean interface.

You can tweak general settings such as layouts, buttons, sidebars, typography, colors, performance, etc.

One of my favorite features is the header & footer builder. It’s built-in the customizer and you can create any kind of header or footer. You can add buttons, menus, social, etc. The header and footer can have three rows.

Another great feature is color palettes. Blocksy theme allows you to create fifteen distinct color palettes. Each palette consists of eight color slots. So, you can set colors for accent, hover, background, button, text, etc.

color palette

What this allows you is that you can easily change colors for different elements from one place. Remember, that you can have fifteen different color palettes for your websites.

Blocksy is great for blogs. It has various great options for blog design. Customization applies to archives, categories, single, posts, and search results.

For the archive page, you can choose between 5 different structures and change how they look and behave.

blog structure

For single blog posts, you can choose four layouts, change the content area style, show or hide different elements, and more.

Also, you can modify author and search pages separately which is a cool option. Blocksy allows you to create really custom website for free.

Also, you can customize general things like logo, menu, social links, and you can insert Google Analytics code straight into customizer. I don’t know any other free theme that allows this option.

So, Blocksy is perhaps the most customizable free WordPress you can find. At least I know of.

How Fast Is Blocksy?

Now, let’s talk about how fast the Blocksy theme is. Because speed is one of the most important when we talk about WordPress themes. If a theme is slow, then nothing else matters.

On the website, they say that Blocksy is a lightning-fast theme. That is great but let’s test it ourselves.

I used GTmetrix for this speed test and I made 3 separate tests:

  1. Clean Test – Just Blocksy theme. Clean pages with no plugins installed.
  2. Gutenberg Test – Test with a starter template using Gutenberg.
  3. Elementor Test – Starter template built with Elementor.

I didn’t use any caching plugin because I wanted to know how it handles page builders. Let’s see the results.

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The Clean Test showed amazing results. Blocksy is really a fast theme. Performance and structure had a 100% score and LCP of 0.6s which is an amazing result. The page size was just 65.8KB and a total of 10 requests.

blocksy theme speed

The Gutenberg Test results were also very good. Without caching plugin, it had 97% of performance and LCP of 1s. The request went up to 31 and the page size grew to 692KB. Page loaded in 1.6s and this is without any optimization.

gutenberg speed

Although Elementor Test results weren’t as good as others, it was still great. Performance – 84%, structure – 99%, and LCP – 1.6s. The page size was 740KB, total requests were 59, and the page loaded in 2.2s. Really great results for Elementor.

elementor speed

This test really showed me that Blocksy is a very fast and clean WordPress theme that works great with page builders. And don’t forget that I didn’t use any optimization or caching plugin.

Of course, Elementor wasn’t as fast as Gutenberg because it is a more heavy builder. It adds additional code. That is one downside of Elementor but everything can be improved with cache and other optimization tweaks.

But we certainly can say that Blocksy is one of the fastest themes out there and it’s free. If you want to have a fast website, you can definitely use the Blocksy theme.

Blocksy Companion Plugin

Another cool feature of Blocksy is its companion plugin. It’s free and you can install it from the WordPress plugins repository. It allows you to control various settings from one place.

From the plugin dashboard, you can go to specific customizer sections. Also, from here you can install starter templates.

blocksy plugin

Also, there is great extensions section where you can activate different options. You can show cookies, integrate to MailChimp and show subscription form, display top posts, etc.

This plugin also offers a list of plugins you can use with the Blocksy theme. Some work with Gutenberg and some with Elementor.

And also from this dashboard, you can see all the updates that were made to Blocksy from the start to date. It shows updates, fixes, and new options.

This is a great companion for Blocksy and it’s highly recommended to be installed.

Blocksy Starter Templates

Blocksy has one of the most beautiful and well-designed starter templates you can find. These are not just simple starter templates. Templates are well designed and ready to use.

However, they don’t offer too many templates. The library consists of thirteen different templates for various types of websites. But all of them are very high-quality templates.

blocksy theme templates

I hope they will add new templates to their library. Presently they have templates for blogs, reviews, shops, businesses, charities, travel, and app landing page.

But not every template works with every page builder. Some work with Elementor, some with Gutenberg, and some with both. Also, some starter templates work with Brizy.

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Blocksy uses different additional plugins to build these templates. When you install the template, it automatically installs the required plugins.

I really love their templates but the only downside is that the library is not large. I hope they will add more soon.

Blocksy Premium

Now, if you want to have more options then you have an option to buy a premium version of the Blcoksy theme. It adds more features and options.

A premium adds some amazing features for customizers. Also, there are several features for WooCommerce.

With a Blocksy theme pro version, you get an enhanced header & footer builder, pro elements for the footer & header, advanced menu, custom sidebars, local Google fonts, and much more.

blocksy pto

You can add elements like language switcher, widgets, dividers in headers. Also, it comes with hooks that allow you to create custom designs and insert them whenever you want.

WooCommerce features include floating cart, off-canvas cart & filter, gallery slider, new layouts, and more.

You get great additional features with a pro version which allows you to create beautiful, fast, and custom websites without additional plugins.

Blocksy Theme Pricing

Blocksy theme offers straightforward pricing plans. It’s not an expensive theme. And if we think about the features it offers, it’s a very affordable premium theme.

It has two pricing options – annual & lifetime. So, you can buy it for a year or pay once and have it forever. And each option has three plans.

The Personal plan includes one site license, Professional gives you the ability to use it on five websites, and Agency gives you unlimited licenses.

blocksy premium

If you want to build a website for yourself, then a personal plan is a great solution. But if you build websites for clients, then the agency is the solution.

You can cancel or upgrade to any plan anytime and also, they offer a 14-day money-back guarantee.


For me, the Blocksy theme is one of the most powerful, diverse, and customizable free WordPress themes with amazing features. It is a clean, fast, and modern theme. Works great with page builders and WooCommerce. Has beautiful templates, however, the library is not large.

You can create beautiful websites for free and for more options you can upgrade to a pro version anytime. Blocksy theme offers very affordable pricing plans. I highly recommend this theme to everyone.

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