Crocoblock Review: Great WordPress Theme And Plugins

A couple of months ago, I was surfing on the internet and found out about Crocoblock. Got interested.

So, I clicked.

Turned out that Crocoblock is a team that has a theme, plugins, and hundreds of Elementor templates. Of course, I dug deep and soon I realized that they have an amazing and beautiful theme and plugins.

They recently updated their site and plans and now it is even better. There are not many reviews of Crocoblock so I decided to share with you my thoughts and opinions about their theme and plugins.

Kava Theme

Their theme is Kava and it’s free. I know very few free themes that are as great as Kava. The only themes that can compete with Kava, in my opinion, are Astra and Kadence. It is fast, lightweight, and beautiful.

It is fully responsive and gives you the ability to change layouts, fonts, colors, over 40 different blog layouts, and more. I use Kadence on this website and the only reason why I don’t use Kava is that I already build this on Kadence and I didn’t want to destruct it by changing.

crocoblock kava

But I plan to start an eCommerce shop with WooCommerce and I’ll use Kava because it is perfect for eCommerce and comes with different online shop templates.

And Kava is great if you use the Elementor page builder. It is built for that. It’s so easy to create pages with Kava and Elementor. It comes with many free Elementor templates for different pages and sections.

Before this update, they had the free and paid versions but now Kava is free so you can install and try it before subscribe to their plan. Kava is a lightweight, fast, beautiful, and modern theme.

Jet Plugins

Crocoblock has its plugins called JetPlugins and they are as powerful as their theme. With these plugins, you can create different blocks and make your website more beautiful.

These plugins are beautiful, easy to use, powerful and modern. Built for Elementor and speed. I don’t know if you will ever need any other plugins because they can do almost anything you can imagine.

crocoblock plugins

You can create footers, headers, forms, animations, menus, pop-ups, galleries, wishlists, product pages, and more. You have access to over 150 widgets for content, WooCommerce, layouts, blogs, menu, and much more.

And you don’t have to buy each plugin separately. Depending on which plan you choose, you get a set of plugins you will need. That is a great option.

Also, they have 3 free plugins: JetWidgets (11 different widgets), JetWoo (6 WooCommerce widgets), and JetSticky (makes different section sticky).

And the best thing about these plugins is that they offer so many options it is doubtful that you will need Elementor Pro. So keep it in mind.

Here is the full list of Crocoblock plugins:
  • JetAppointment
  • JetThemeCore
  • JetStyleManager
  • JetBooking
  • JetBlocks
  • JetTricks
  • JetReviews
  • JetTabs
  • JetMenu
  • JetWooBuilder
  • JetSmartFilters
  • JetPopup
  • JetProductGallery
  • JetCompare&Wishlist
  • JetSearch
  • JetBlog
  • JetEngine
  • JetElements


Another great thing about Crocoblock is its templates. It comes with over 50 pre-made website templates for different types of websites like blogs, online shop, business, news, crypto, etc.

They offer two types of templates – Dynamic & Design.

Dynamic templates are full websites built with JetPlugins for Elementor. Design templates are also built with JetPlugins but are simpler. Both work great.


All templates are beautiful. They have one of the best designers. All these templates are professional, modern, have great UI & UX.

You can find simple and complex templates and every one of them are made with love and care.

So, you don’t have to think about designing your website. You just import the demo, upload your content, change colors and you are ready to go. Just that easy.


Crocoblock also has many ready to use popups. Very well designed. They are built for Elementor.

The library includes different kinds of popups for different websites and purpose. You will find popups for Halloween, Black Friday, New Year, sales, marketing, etc.


Popup templates have over 150 high-quality, well-designed templates that are ready to upload and used with Elementor.

And interactive popups have more than 50 beautiful popups. You can go to their website and see the preview.

Pricing Plans

And the last thing I want to talk about is the pricing. They changed it a couple of times and I liked the older version. But perhaps for some people, it can be good.

Previously they had 2 plans, a year subscription or a one-pay lifetime plan. And you had Kava Pro, all templates, and all plugins. One year subscription was only $49.

Now they have three plans – eCommerce, Design, and Dynamic. Each plan includes 1 website, 1-year updates, 1-year support, and different JetPlugins for each plan.

crocoblock pricing

They also offer All-Inclusive and Lifetime options which aren’t so bad. And you can choose whether you want one or unlimited websites option.

For some people, it might be cool though. If you building an eCommerce then you don’t need all the plugins and you should buy an eCommerce Plan and so on.

I think the previous pricing plans were better because you had all the plugins and templates for $49. Now if you want all of them you have to buy an All-Inclusive or Lifetime Plan which could be great for some people.


I think Crocoblock is one of the best WordPress developers team. Their products are beautiful, modern, and high-quality. Kava theme is fast, lightweight, and comes with amazing Elementor templates.

JetPlugins can do anything you want. And the general quality of Crocoblock is very high. I just don’t like new pricing plans but it is my opinion. I highly recommend Crocoblock to everyone.