Hello Theme Speed: How Fast Is Elementor Theme

Do you want to know the Hello theme speed? Or is it really a fast theme? Well, you came to the right place because I tested it and I have results. But first, let me explain how I made this test.

I wanted this test to be a good one so I tested it on both – desktop and mobile. For desktop, I used the GTmetrix speed tool, and for mobile – Google Speed Insights.

And the test was done in different situations. I wanted to know how speed was changing with and without content. So, I made three tests for each speed tool:

  1. Clean Test – I installed the Hello theme on a fresh WordPress website. No plugins, themes, posts, pages, etc. Just Hello theme installed on it.
  2. Template Test – For the second Hello theme speed test I installed Elementor and used one of the demos from Starter Templates. Nothing else was installed.
  3. Template With Cache Test – And on the last test I installed WP Fastest Cache and configured it. So it had a Hello theme, Elementor, Starter Templates, & cache plugin.

As long as hosting is concerned, I used Namecheap’s shared hosting. Nothing special but this way we will see how Hello Elementor performance on budget hosting.

Now let’s dive in and see the results.

1. Clean test

As I said above, the first test was the clean test. Just Hello theme on a fresh WordPress install. I used GTmetrix for desktop and Google Speed Insights for mobile speed.

I was delighted with the result. The Hello theme really showed that it is a light and fast theme. The total page size was 23.2KB and the total page requests were 7.

hello theme speed test

All the performance result was green, which is great. Total blocking time was 0s and speed index was 0.6s. The very lightweight and fast theme even on the shared hosting.

Here is the results table
GTmetrixGoogle Speed Insights
First Contentful Paint0.7s1.4s
Time To Interactive0.7s1.4s
Fully Loaded Time1.3s
Speed Index2.7s

2. Template test

The second Hello theme speed test was on little different. I installed Starter Templates and uploaded one of their ready sites. Home page only and tested the same way.

The template has some text, headings, buttons, and images. Some images are big. So it will have an effect on speed. On WordPress, only Elementor and Starter Templates plugin was installed.

template speed test

Now we see a difference. Page size became 1.76MB and requests raised to 36. But performance remained almost identical. Very small differences than a clean test.

But on mobile, the differences were a little bit higher. Mobile is always much lower than desktop. I don’t know how Google’s tool works but it is always the case.

Of course, we should consider hosting and also unoptimized images. But my goal was that. I want how the Hello theme performs out of the box.

Result table for Template Test
GTmetrixGoogle Speed Insights
First Contentful Paint1.4s3.1s
Time To Interactive1.5s4.9s
Fully Loaded Time2.3s
Speed Index9.2s

3. Template With Cache Test

Now, the last test was the most interesting. This is where we should see Hello theme speed. I just leave everything as is but added another plugin – WP Fastest Cache.

It is one of the best free cache plugins you can find. Very simple but powerful. I configured it as I always do. And the results were good. Even with this simple cache plugin.

cached test result

Page size and request count remained the same but the performance went up to 96%. Load times went down. Cache really worked.

Mobile score on Google Speed Insights also went up about 20 points, which is a great score for mobile. It means that cache really works. And if you use a powerful cache like WP Rocket, it will increase speed more.

Result of the last test
GTmetrixGoogle Speed Insights
First Contentful Paint1s3.3s
Time To Interactive1.2s4.1s
Fully Loaded Time2.3s
Speed Index5.2s

Hello Theme Speed Test results

I think the result was very good. This test showed that the Hello Elementor theme is a very lightweight and fast theme. It works well with images and content.

If you use better hosting, cache plugin, and optimize images it will be one of the fastest themes. And I think if you are using Elementor Pro, it is the best theme.

Of course, it works with the free version of Elementor but then you have to add additional plugins like header & footer builder. You can do it but I like to use as few plugins as I can.

But if you wondered about using this Hello theme, this test really shows how good it is. Here is the full table for the Hello theme speed test.

test results table


I think Hello Elementor is the best theme for Elementor. Especially if you use the pro version. It is fast, lightweight, and is build for Elementor. You can test it yourself on better hosting, optimize more, and see the results.

But remember, if you use Elementor free, then you have to install additional plugins for header & footer, blog posts, etc. I recommend you to buy a pro version of Elementor.