6 Best Gallery Plugins For Beautiful Websites

If you want to display your portfolio on a WordPress website, then you need to use some kind of plugin. Gallery plugins will help you to create beautiful portfolio pages.

WordPress plugins for displaying galleries are free and have numerous customization features you can tweak and make your portfolio unique and attractive.

How Gallery Plugins Work

All the plugins mentioned on this list work similarly. You create galleries on a dedicated interface, tweak settings, appearance, and you get shortcodes, that you can use on any page.

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The best thing is that because it creates gallery shortcodes, these WordPress gallery plugins work with Gutenberg, Elementor, or any other page builders. You can display them on different pages and sections.

Top Plugins For Image Galleries

All the plugins listed in this post are hand-picked and tested. All of them work perfectly, have great features, and are totally free to use. Let’s dive in and see the top six plugins to create beautiful portfolio pages.

1. Envira Gallery Lite

envira gallery plugins

Envira is one of the best gallery plugins I can recommend. It’s very easy to use and has awesome features. It has a pro version that allows you to create galleries from Instagram images, video galleries, add pagination, etc.

Creating galleries with Envira is simple. Just upload images you want to display on your portfolio, choose how many columns you want to have, pick image sizes, and also it has a lightbox option.

So, if you want to have beautifully displayed galleries, then Envira Gallery Lite is a great choice.

2. FooGallery

foogallery wordpress

Another great plugin for the portfolio is FooGallery that is as good as Envira and has some additional features. Also, for more options, you can upgrade to a pro version. But for most people, a free version will be enough.

With FooGallery you can choose different styles for your gallery such as justified, masonry, responsive gallery, etc. You can add a caption, hover effects, loading icons, borders, etc.

It also has a lightbox feature but for that feature, it requires an additional plugin FooBox.

3. Portfolio Filter Gallery

Filter gallery

Portfolio Filter Gallery allows you to create beautiful galleries with a simple interface. Like other plugins on this list, a pro version offers more features but with free, you can still create awesome portfolios.

What is cool with this plugin is that you can display not only images but videos too. And it allows you to tweak features like columns, hover effects, image link, sorting, etc. With some plugins, this is the premium feature.

Other than these configuration settings you can add a lightbox option, filters, and custom CSS.

4. Responsive Lightbox & Gallery

lightbox and gallery

Responsive Lightbox & Gallery offers perhaps the most features. You can customize columns, image sizes, colors, pagination, lightbox, and more. Also, you can add tags and categories to each gallery.

But what is awesome with this plugin is that you can tweak the global settings of the plugin. It allows you to set a global lightbox, set image sizes, create image folders, fetch images from eternal sources, etc.

Also, this portfolio plugin has add-ons you can install and extend its capabilities and features.

5. Robo Gallery

Robo gallery plugins

One of the most powerful gallery plugins for WordPress is Robo Gallery. Has a pro version with additional features and also, you can install different add-ons such as widgets, backup, and statistics.

With the free version, you can choose different layouts for your portfolio. Also, it allows you to create a Youtube video gallery. It has a cache option which is great for speed, and you can change other options such as sizes, hovers, loading, lightbox, etc.

Very cool little plugin for your portfolio website.

6. MetaSlider

MetaSlider plugin for images

And the last plugin on this list is a very interesting one. MetaSlider is a slider plugin that allows you to create image slides very easily. Add as many images as you want, choose between four different slider styles, add navigation dots, effects, etc.

But it also has a gallery option which is in beta right now but has some mandatory options you can tweak. You can set image min and max-width, and also spacing between gallery items.

If you want to have a gallery and a slider in one plugin, then MetaSlider is a great option for you.


WordPress gallery plugins give us the ability to easily create beautiful portfolios on our website. These plugins are very simple to use yet powerful. Display your beautiful images and portfolio on your website with these awesome free plugins.

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