How To Backup WordPress Website For Free

Do you have a WordPress website? Well, the first thing to do is to backup WordPress website. It is crucial to have a backup of your website in order to use it if there is a problem.

Because you don’t know what happens in the future. Hacker attacks, some kind of malware, the bad plugin causes errors, etc.

But don’t be scared. WordPress backup is a very easy thing to do and it is totally free with the Updrafts plugin. Let me show you how to do it.

Install UpdraftPlus Plugin

Go to Plugins and install and activate the Updraft plugin.

backup wordpress

Now on your WordPress dashboard, in the Settings tab, you have a new section – UpdarftPlus Backups.

updrafts settings

This is the place where you change settings and configure the plugin.

Backup WordPress

Now, you have two options: Backup locally or backup on remote storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

You can backup your website manually. Just click the Backup Now Button, tick all options and click the button. After seconds you will have the local backup of your website.

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As long as you have a backup, if something happens you can easily restore your website.

But there is a better way to backup your website and it happens automatically.

Go to the Settings tab. Choose how frequently you want to backup your website and how many backups to save. I personally choose daily and two backups.

backup wordpress settings

Now you have to choose remote storage. I always choose Google Drive for my backups. Click the Google Drive icon, leave everything as is, and hit Save Settings.

Now it will pop up a window with the link. Click that link and follow the simple instructions. It is very easy. After you do everything you will have automated backups on Google Drive.

You can always download it from Google Drive and upload it on your site from Backup/Restore > Upload Backup Files.

Or do it from your local backup. I always have both – local and remote backups.


Now you know how to backup WordPress websites manually and automatically and restore them. So, you will never lose your content. You can restore it with just one click.

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