4 Best Flipbook Plugins For WordPress

If you use PDF files on your WordPress website then it’s a good idea to use flipbook plugins and make your PDF files more eye-catching, interactive, and engaging.

PDF flipbook is a great and beautiful interactive design addition to every blog post or page. And with WordPress PDF flipbook plugins you can easily embed PDF and make it realistic.

For this post, I picked the four plugins that are easy to use and offer different features and options to tweak and make it more personal.

What Is Flipbook Effect?

Flipbook is an effect when you embed PDF files and instead of scrolling and reading that way, it flips the pages. Like we turn book or magazine pages in the real world. It also works with images.

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You can add as many PDF files or images to your pages and add beautiful flip effects to them. Reading files or seeing images is easier and more fun with this effect.

This is a small but beautiful interactive addition to make the reading process for your visitors much easier and create a better user experience.

How Do Flipbook Plugins Work?

Flipbook WordPress plugins are very easy to use and require no learning. Just install the plugin, change settings as you want, and using a short code, display them on any page or post of your website.

You create each PDF or image flip effect separately, like posts. Give it a name, upload files, change colors, flip sound, container, different settings, publish it, and use the shortcode on any page.

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That’s it. Nothing more is required. Of course, some plugins offer some unique options you can tweak.

Top 4 WordPress PDF Flipbook Plugins

So, here are my favorite WordPress plugins for the flipbook effect that is free to use and have different options and features. Some plugins have more options than others. For even more options you can upgrade to a pro version.

1. DearFlip

dearflip plugin

DearFlip is one of the best plugins to add flip effects to your files and images. It’s a very easy-to-use plugin, has great features, options, and interface. The free version of the plugin includes all the options you will need. And if you want more options like paper stiffness, translation, or zoom scroll, you can upgrade to the premium and get it.

It can be used for PDF files and images. It has a thumbnail option, two display modes, you can change colors, flip duration, render sizes, autoplay duration, and more. After creating a flip effect, you can use the shortcode with or without the thumbnail.

DearFlip Features
  • PDF & Images
  • Thumbnail
  • Display Modes
  • Flip Duration
  • Autoplay
  • Flip Sound

2. 3D FlipBook

3d flipbook

One of the simplest yet powerful flipbook plugins is 3D FlipBook that offers good options to tweak your flip effect. Page flipping is very realistic with this plugin, has a flip sound, and is lightweight. It’s a feature-packed plugin and a good thing about this plugin is that it’s a free plugin and you get all the options.

It supports PDF files, images, and HTML files. The basic options include page titles, colors, print, mouse drag, etc. But also you can use advanced options like flip velocity, side texture, wave control, sheet color, etc. Additionally, you can add custom properties to the shortcode which can be found on its website.

3D FlipBook Features
  • HTML Files
  • Custom Properties
  • Flip Sound
  • Velocity Control
  • Wave Settings
  • Print

3. iPages Flipbook

iPages flipbook plugins

iPages Flipbook is a very feature-rich plugin that has many options and you can make it really custom. Not only it has all the features other plugins have, but this plugin also supports custom CSS and JavaScript. This is a totally free plugin so you get all the options the plugin has.

It has all the basic features like colors, flip duration, zoom options, etc. But it also offers better options such as dark and light themes, custom toolbar, file download options, and custom properties that can be added to the shortcode. Also, you can use the embedding option instead of shortcode.

iPages Flipbook Features
  • Custom CSS & JS
  • Dark/Light Themes
  • Embedded Option
  • File Download
  • Flip Control
  • Shortcode Properties

4. DearPDF

DearPDF WordPress plugin

DearPDF is one of the simplest flipbook plugins you can find but it does the job. However, it has some cool features on the front end. This is a free plugin that supports only PDF files with a simple settings interface and beautiful front-end design. It can be added like a section on a page or as a button that opens up the files.

It has only two options you can change which are view type and display type. You can use it as a flipbook or as a vertical reader. With the toolbar, you can see pages separately, zoom in/out, share, make it fullscreen, download the file, and turn on/off the flip sound. This plugin is great for those who want to display PDF files without additional options.

DearPDF Features
  • Display Modes
  • Share Option
  • Download Option
  • Fullscreen Mode


So, if you want to make beautiful PDF files or images presentation, WordPress flipbook plugins are great tools for that. All these plugins include all the features you need, are very easy to use, and you can display them on any page with a shortcode.

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