The 9 Best SEO Extensions To Love

As you already know, SEO is critical for website ranking. Google Chrome SEO Extensions make it easy to run through and analyze any website’s SEO. For free.

These tools find all SEO-related issues a website has. You can easily find and fix them. No techy skill is needed. Just analyze a website and solve the problems.

And with Google Chrome extensions, it’s extremely easy to analyze any website. You can analyze websites straight from the browser. You don’t need separate apps or tools to do analysis.

What Is SEO Extension?

Chrome SEO extensions are simple to use tools. After the installation, on chrome, you will see the icon in the extension panel. Then you can go to any website, click the tool’s icon and it will analyze and show you the state of the website’s SEO.

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This is a really easy way to check any website’s SEO and how well-optimized it is. Not only you can see on-page SEO score but also off-page SEO, find broken links, missing alt text on images, etc.

These SEO tools can show you:

  • Page Status – Shows the status of a specific page. Good page has code of 200, redirect page has code of 301, etc.
  • Index Status – If a page is indexed in Google search.
  • Title & Description – Analyzes title and description length and tells you if something is not correct.
  • Heading Hierarchy – Shows the skeleton of your page’s heading hierarchy. You can clearly see how well-structured your pages are.
  • Keyword Density – What keywords are used on a page and how many times.
  • Image Alt Text – Analyzes images and shows images without alt text.
  • External & Internal Links – Check all internal and external links and finds issues like broken links.

Some tools are more powerful and can analyze websites for more metrics. Also, some of these extensions check websites for speed and security. These Chrome extensions are a great way to analyze, find, and fix SEO-related issues.

The Greatest Chrome SEO Extensions

In this post, I will list the Google Chrome SEO extensions that I personally have used. All of them are very easy to use, have great features, and are totally free to use. You can try all of them and pick the one you like the most.

1. Sitechecker

Sitechecker seo extensions

Sitechecker is one of my personal favorite Chrome extensions for SEO. It shows the whole picture and you can clearly see the SEO-related issues a website has. Sitechecker is a pro tool for website audits. Although the extension is free, for more features you can upgrade to a pro plan.

This SEO tool analyzes websites for various metrics. You can check the index status of a page, title and description status, keyword density, and heading hierarchy. For links, it will show all external and internal links, anchor text, and status codes.

Other metrics it checks websites are canonical URLs, indexation, open graph, image alt text, page load speed, etc. Sitechekcer is a powerful tool for SEO.

2. SEO Minion

SEO minion tool

SEO Minion is one of the most powerful Chrome SEO extensions you can find. It has many amazing features that not many tools can beat. It can analyze web pages for on-page SEO, links, open graphs, etc.

It will show you meta descriptions, canonical URLs, index status, heading hierarchy, image alt text, and much more. The great thing about SEO Minion is that you can download links, images, and headings to better analyze them.

Because it is such a powerful and feature-rich tool, you need to understand and properly use it. With it, it’s easier to analyze and improve a website’s SEO.

3. Conductor

Conductor SEO

Another powerful extension for SEO analysis is Conductor. It can do a lot of things and in a great manner. With a slick and easy-to-use interface, it’s one of the best tools to use. It can analyze a website’s technical SEO, health, keywords, and much more.

First of all, it shows the overview of a page – title and description, index status, headings, links and even gives a readability score. Next, it checks if a sitemap is working, how well links and images are optimized for SEO. And finally gives an SEO health score based on passed tests.

Additionally, it has keyword research and a live editor module which are very handy. And finally, shows the SERP preview of a page.

4. SEO Pro

SEO Pro tool

Next on this list is SEO Pro. This tool displays quite big information about website SEO and analyzing issues are easy. One of the reasons why I like this tool is its ease of use and intuitive interface. Also, SEO Pro has a performance module and you can see the page’s Core Web Vitals score.

SEO Pro shows page index status, what headings are used and its hierarchy, speed test score, internal and external links. Also, it checks how well-optimized images are for SEO and displays the website schema in detail.

Also, SEO Pro can show you titles and descriptions, canonical URLs, and quick links to various helpful tools.

5. Detailed SEO

detailed SEO tool

Detailed SEO offers great features and is great for SEO analysis. Has a great interface and is easy to see a website’s SEO profile. Helps you to clearly see what issues your website has and quickly resolve them. It’s one of my favorite SEO extensions for Chrome.

On the overview tab, it displays the title, description, canonical URL, whether robots.txt works and all your headings. On the next tabs, you can see all the headings and structure, total and unique links, which can be exported.

Also, you will see images with missing alt text, websites schema, and details about open graphs.

6. SEO Scout

SEO Scout Chrome extensions

SEO Scout has some unique features and is great for overall SEO analysis. Other than extension, they offer various free and premium tools such as SERP simulator, schema generator, keyword combiner, and more.

The extension itself can show you overall stats like referring domains and links, estimated traffic, ranking keywords, etc. Also, you can see headings, links, meta tags, SERP preview, and other general metrics.

And the great power of SEO Scout is in its keyword suggestion tool. You can input your keyword and it will suggest questions and phrases.

7. Checkbot

Checkbot website analyze

Checkbot is one of the most robust SEO extensions I have used. The great thing is that it analyzes websites for SEO, speed, and security. So, you can see the whole picture of your website and find all kinds of issues. Has one of the beautiful dashboard and detailed view.

It gives a percentage score based on how many tests a website has passed. And you can check each problem separately. Checks for all general metrics, duplicate content, page content, URL names, and more.

The free version can analyze 100 pages for SEO, security, and speed. For more features and page analysis you can upgrade to a pro version.

8. WooRank

WooRank analyzer

WooRank is a marvelous and one of the most featured-packed SEO extensions you can find. It analyses a website and gives scores based on the passed tests. Then it shows how what needs improvement and where are issues. And the list of metrics it displays is huge.

It separates everything into categories such as on-page SEO, indexing, mobile, structured data, security, performance, and much more. With WooRank you get an in-depth analysis of a website.

The pro version has additional features and tools that can enhance website analysis.

9. SEO Meta In 1 Click

SEO meta one click

The last tool on this list is SEO Meta In 1 Click. One of the most popular SEO extensions used by SEO specialists and gurus. Has great features and shows everything you need to know about your website’s SEO profile.

In a simple and easy-to-use interface, you can see on-page SEO metrics, headings, and structure, external, internal, and unique links, missing alt text on images. Also, shows open graphs, schema, and links without a title.

SEO Meta 1 Click is a simple yet feature-rich tool for web pages analysis. Find problems and fix them easily.


SEO is critical for ranking and is a major factor in traffic attraction. SEO extensions are a great way to check website SEO from the browser. It’s convenient, easy to do, and gives you the whole information about your website’s SEO profile. You can easily find and fix issues. Try all these tools and pick one that is best for you.

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