How To Use SEO Minion Properly

Search engine optimization is crucial for ranking in Google. There are many tools for that and today we overview SEO minion, a free SEO tool everybody can use.

Although it works like many other tools, it can come in handy in different situations. Also, it is very easy to use and not only you can analyze your website, but others too.

What Is SEO Minion

SEO Minion is a free Google Chrome extension that analyzes pages for different SEO metrics. It’s a free tool and works simply.

It can analyze any page you want and can show you how well optimized the page is for search engines.

SEO minion website

It analyzes pages for on-page SEO, shows if pages are indexable, titles, meta descriptions, all headings on the page, links, broken links, etc.

It is a great tool for analyzing pages, finding SEO issues, and solving all problems very quickly.

What Is The Best Use Of It

If you have a website built with WordPress, then it is likely you already using some kind of SEO plugin. Although SEO minion can do the same things, it will not replace plugins.

But there is another thing that this tool is best for. And it is for analyzing other websites. Yes, you can analyze your competitors and that can be very helpful.

Because it’s a fully-featured SEO tool, you can analyze popular websites that rank high on Google and see the structure of their pages, how they use links, headings, and all sorts of things.

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Then you can structure your pages accordingly because popular websites that get many visitors and rank high in SERP, use best practices. So, you can copy them.

The best example of this would be a blog post. For example, if you want to write a product review but don’t know how to structure your article, you can analyze popular review articles with this awesome browser extension and build yours similarly.

Also, you can analyze your old blog posts and make changes, update them and give them a better structure.

All in all, this is a great free tool for any blogger or website owner. Now, let’s see how we can use it.

How SEO Minion Works

In this section, I will show you how to install the extension, analyze pages, what it can do, and how the tool works in general. This tool works on Chrome and Firefox.

How To Install SEO Minion

In order to install the extension, go to Chrome Extension, search the tool and install it.

After the installation, you will see the new icon on the extension list, which is on the top right corner of the Chrome browser.

Extension icon on Chrome

Now, it is installed and ready to be used. You can analyze any webpage from now on.

How To Analyze Pages

To see the SEO results of pages, just go to any page you want to analyze, click on the SEO Minion icon and you will see the results immediately.

Results are divided by section but first, you see the status code of the page, if it’s indexable and followable.

Now you can see how well optimized the page is, are there issues, does the page uses headings, and much more.

Analyze On-Page SEO is the first section and it shows very important and interesting SEO metrics. Here you will see how long the title and description are, page URL, word count, and info about Robots. Also, a number of images are used on the page and you can download them straight from the app.

Title and meta description

But the most important thing it shows is the headings list the page uses. It’s great for post or page structure. You can clearly see how it is structured and you can copy it and build your page accordingly.

heading structure of the page

Also, in this section, you will see how an open graph is set for social media like Twitter. Open graph means how a post or page will look after sharing on social media.

Highlight All Links is another very cool feature of SEO Minion and it shows all internal or external links of the page. Links are highlighted and you can filter links and see only external or internal, or see all of them at once. Also, you are able to filter and show do-follow and no-follow links. It’s awesome for analyzing how popular websites use links on their pages.

External and internal links

And like images and headings, links also can be downloaded in CSV format and you can analyze what type of websites they link to.

Check Broken Links is another great option and it analyzes all links on the page and finds broken links. You can see valid links, 404 pages, broken links, empty links, and links with a redirect. You can filter and export them in CSV format.

Broken links, 404 pages, redirects

Other features of this extension are Hreflang Checker that specifies the language and optional geographic restrictions, SERP Preview where you can see how a page is displayed on Google search, and SERP Location Checker.

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This way you can analyze every page you want. Just try on your pages and see what the issues are and solve the problems. But if you use some kind of WordPress SEO plugin, don’t need it but it’s great for analyzing other blogs or websites.

If you follow some blogs and want to use their structure, analyze it with this tool and see how they do things, what is the structure, how they using links, and then you can implement these tactics on your pages.


SEO Minion is an awesome free and easy-to-use tool for analyzing websites for SEO. It shows everything from SERP view, to links, to page structure and more. It’s free and can be installed on Chrome or Firefox. All links, images, headings, and other important things can be downloaded in CSV format for better analysis.

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