5 Best Google Analytics Plugins For WordPress

When you have a WordPress website you need to install some kind of Google Analytics plugins. You will have your website’s analytics and data in your WordPress dashboard.

Data is a very powerful weapon, and it is a good idea to have it on your website. With the plugin, you won’t have to go to the Google Analytics page to see the results. You will have it on your website.

What Is Google Analytics Plugin?

Google Analytics is a tool that collects various data about your website and visitors. You can see who visited your website, from which country, how long they were on the website, which pages are popular, etc.

And there are Google Analytics plugins for WordPress. You connect it to Google and data is fetch to your dashboard. Analytics is a great tool to see what people like about your website, and also will help you to improve it.

There are lots of plugins for analytics but I picked the best 5 I have used. They are free and very easy to set up and use.

Why Do You Need Analytics?

No matter how beautiful a website you have or how great your content is. If you don’t have data about your website, it is unlikely that your blog or eCommerce will be successful.

With analytics, you will know how much traffic your website gets. What pages are most visited and which pages are underperformed. And with these data, you can do great things.

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For example, if you have a blog you can use analytics data to see which posts are performing well and which are not. So, depending on that data you can improve your blog.

Make your popular post more awesome and get more traffic. Also, see which posts are not popular and try to rewrite and make them more engaging. Data will show you what has to be improved and what doesn’t work.

My recommendation is that everybody must use some kind of Google Analytics plugin on their website. Even it is the simplest one.

Top Google Analytics Plugins

Let’s dive in and see what features these plugins offer and what kind of data we can collect from them.

1. Site Kit By Google

site by google plugin

Google Analytics plugins list has to start with Site Kit by Google. It is an official WordPress plugin from Google. This plugin is relatively new but very powerful.

It is very easy to install and connect to analytics. Just follow the setup wizard and you will be fine. It will fetch your Google Analytics data straight to your website. You will see data like traffic source, impressions, clicks, and more.

But that is not all. Because it is made by Google, you can also connect to other Google products like Search Console, AdSense, and PageSpeed Insights.

So, this is an all-in-one solution for your website. If you install Site Kit by Google, you won’t need a separate plugin AdSense. Also, you can control your website speed from your dashboard.

2. MonsterInsights

monsterinsights analytics plugin

Another great and very popular analytics plugin is MonsterInsights. It has over 2 million installs and a 4.5-star rating. It is a premium plugin but has a free version with some limited features.

This plugin works great and it can give you important information. It can show you page views, visitors’ age, the device they visited from. Also, it shows visitors’ gender and traffic sources.

MonsterInsights another cool feature is for eCommerce websites. It will display data like conversion rate, revenue, average order value, etc.

If you need to have a powerful plugin for Google Analytics, then MonsterInsights will be a great choice. Even its free version is very powerful.

3. ExactMetrics

exactmetrics wordpress plugin

ExactMetrics is one of my favorite Google Analytics plugins for WordPress. It looks like MonsterInsights and has many cool features. And also I like the interface too. Very modern and clean.

With this analytics plugin you will get data such as universal & eCommerce tracking, different kinds of links tracking, scroll tracking, and much more. ExactMetrics also has a free version which I have used and works perfectly.

You can also set some custom reports like behavior, real-time, forms, etc. It has integration features and you can connect apps such as WPForms, Ninja Forms, Easy Digital Downloads, etc.

4. Beehive Analytics

beehive analytics plugins

Beehive Analytics is one of my favorite analytics plugins. And it is made a great company WPMU DEV. I love their plugins and this plugin is no exception.

Not only a great and powerful plugin it is, but it looks amazing. Beehive Analytics makes a connection to Google Analytics very easy. You can also connect to Google Tag Manager, get the full report, track multisite data, and has many other features.

This plugin like other WPMU DEV plugins is a pro plugin with a free version. If you have never used this plugin, install and see the power yourself.

5. WP Statistics

wp statistics

And the last plugin on my list is WP Statistics. This is the first analytics plugin I have ever used and I think it is still a great plugin with amazing features and data collection.

Although the interface is not that great, you can collect big data about your website. It has more than 500 000 active installs and a 4-star rating on the WordPress plugins repository.

With this plugin, you can see who visits your website, from which country, traffic source, devices, top pages, etc. Also, it has an add-on feature that improves the experience.

Add-ons you can buy are widgets, real-time stats, mini charts, advanced reporting, and more customization. Really a great and free plugin.


Google Analytics is a great tool to collect data. WordPress analytics plugins are a great and easy way to connect your website to it and collect important data. It helps you to improve your websites’ performance.

Good performance means more traffic and big traffic means more money. Analytics and data will help you to improve your website and earn more passive income.

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