Top 5 Popular UI Trends In 2021

Web design is always evolving and improving. Some UI trends come back with modification and some new UI/UX design trends are born.

It is important to follow these trends. Any website should look modern and up to date. And this is the case with WordPress websites too.

It can be easily implemented in any kind of website whether it is built with WordPress or any other platform.

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Some UI trends became popular in 2020 and it seems that there will be many new websites in 2021 that will use these new design trends.

Here are the top 5 popular UI/UX trends we will see in 2021. So, every web designer should keep up and implement them in their UI design.

1. 3D Illustrations

3D UI trends

3D illustrations are great assets to have. They have always been part of web design but became very popular in recent years. 3D illustrations make the website more vivid and interesting.

It can be used on different kinds of websites. You can see them in tech websites, portfolios, agencies, etc. It will be used more and will be one of the main trends in 2021.

Also, we see many new tools and websites for 3D illustration assets. For example, a Spline is a great tool for 3D illustration creation. You can build amazing assets easily.

Other cool 3D design tools you can use are Adobe Dimension, Superscene, and Vectary.

2. glassmorphism

glassmorphism design

Glassmorphism is another new UI trends that will be heavily used. It is already a popular trend. It looks amazing and adds flavor to any website.

It creates the effect of blurred windows or glass. It can be used as a background or just as an overlay element. Works great with colors and typography.

I see many websites that use this technique and it looks beautiful. There are some free tools that can help you to create this effect. Glassmorphism CSS Generator is one of them.

Glassmorphism is a great asset to have on your toolbox. This way your websites will look modern and beautiful.

3. Vivid Colors

colors in web design

Color is not something new or you can say that it is not a trend but recently I saw websites that use vivid, strong colors a lot. It will be one of the main UI trends this year.

Color can make or break your website. So, it must be used carefully. And if it is used correctly, it will beautify any website. Many websites already using bold colors.

You can use strong colors as a background or as an element. And you can use more than one color. You can get inspired by Neoplasticism and use it in your UI designs.

Use different color tools to easily create beautiful color combinations. Tools like Color Hunt or Coolors will help you to achieve your goal.

4. Minimalism

minimalistic ui trends

Minimalism is not a new concept or a new design trend. You can find minimalism in architecture, visual arts, interior design, etc. Many websites use it already and it fits perfectly in web design.

I personally really love minimalism because it is simple, clean, and always looks modern. But minimalism is not just simple. You use the only elements you need and it creates space, air.

Also, minimalism uses a small number of colors. It heavily depends on black and white. Of course, you can use colors with a minimalistic design.

You can get inspirations for minimalistic UI trends from here.

5. Bold & Big Text

big typography

And another trend I see on websites is big text. Bold, heavy typography becoming very popular and will be one of the UI trends of 2021. You will see many big headings and even paragraphs sometimes.

Also, I frequently come across the text with strokes, without fill. Sometimes websites use a combination of filled and stroked fonts. This kind of typography is great for creative websites.

Typography is vital in web design, and it should be carefully picked. Fortunately, today we have many free fonts we can use. Perhaps the most popular place is Google Fonts.

Other places where you can find beautiful and diverse fonts are Font Space & Font Fabric.


If you are a beginner UI/UX designer and want to build beautiful websites, improve your skills, you definitely need to use new UI trends. Follow new trends, implement them in your designs.

Your designs will always be modern. Of course, you have to do some custom designs and tweaking and these trends will be a good addition to your toolset.

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