Top 4 Best SEO Plugins That Work

SEO is vital if you want to have a successful blog. WordPress SEO plugins are a great tool for that. Even if you don’t know anything about SEO, these plugins will do the job.

There are a couple of SEO rules you should follow and SEO plugins will tell you everything you have done right or wrong. So, it is a must-have plugin for every blog.

These plugins allow you to choose the keyword and then watch your post and show you what has to be improved. It is a great way to control SEO and do not overdo it.

There are not many SEO plugins out there. At least they are not popular. I picked the 4 best plugins you can install and make your posts and pages SEO-friendly.

All four plugins are free to use. For more features, you can buy a pro version but for most websites, a free version will be enough.

1. RankMath

RankMath SEO plugins

RankMath is the best and my favorite SEO plugin. It is so powerful that its free version is like a pro version. It offers so many options and features. I highly recommend it to everyone.

You can see keyword analytics and local SEO score. It has modules for AMP, link count, schema, etc. You can connect your blog to Google Analytics and Search Console.

And the post SEO editing is so easy. It shows your keyword density if your images have alt text, how many words the post has, and much more. RankMath has almost unlimited capabilities.

2. SmartCrawl

smartcrawl seo

Another great plugin for SEO is SmartCrawl. Although it is a powerful plugin, it is not as popular as others. It has some unique features others don’t have. I used it before switched to RankMath.

SmartCrawl checks your website and gives it an SEO score. Tells you what pages or posts have to be improved. Allows you to configure title and meta for search engines and also you can tweak open graphs. You can fully customize your posts for search engines and social media.

You can configure your websites’ schema markup and create and add a sitemap of your website to Google. Also, it has a redirection feature and you don’t have to install a separate plugin for that.

And another great thing about this plugin is that not only it shows what has to be improved in your post, but also analyzes the post and gives you a readability score. Really a cool plugin with awesome features.

3. Yoast

yoast plugin

Yoast doesn’t need an introduction. Actually, there is no best SEO plugins list without it. It is the most popular one. And powerful too. Has great features and is very easy to use.

Its features include SEO & readability analysis, link count, sitemaps, SEMrush integration, etc. Allows you to configure title, meta, archives. You can add your social accounts to it.

For posts, it has standard suggestions like if you lack internal or external links, keyword usage, word count, image alt attributes, etc. Also, has a readability checker which is a great bonus.

4. All In One SEO


All In One SEO is another great plugin. Also a well-known plugin with good features. Perhaps not as popular as Yoast but many websites use it.

It offers standard options like global settings, content types, social, sitemaps, etc. Also, you can analyze your and competitor websites for SEO. Has tools for robots.txt, .htaccess, database, etc.

Post editing is standard. You can modify title, meta, add keywords. But it doesn’t have many features that other SEO plugins have. It is limited in my opinion.

Also, many features of a pro where other plugins offer it free. For example, local SEO, SEO for categories, etc. They should make it free. A free version of RankMath is like a pro version when you compare them.

Benefits Of SEO Plugins

Some people may argue that you don’t need SEO plugins in order to create good posts for search engines. And it is right. You can do without them.

But, they are helping tools that make it easier to create posts with great SEO. These plugins give you the analysis of your site, show you mistakes, etc.

You can do without them but it is a great tool to have. I personally always use an SEO plugin. But I don’t write posts for plugins. After writing the post, I check the plugin and it shows me if I missed something.

You can do the same but don’t try to tick everything that it tells you. Some plugins tell you that you should have a number in the title or the keyword should be at the start of the title.

That is not true. Google doesn’t pay attention to it. For Google, quality of content is important and keyword in the title, image alt text, is a helper.


So, SEO plugins are a great tool to have. With it, your job will become easier. Install one of these plugins and use all the good features of it. But remember, the most important is the content.

Try to write original and good content. With the help of these plugins, make sure your posts meet the basic SEO requirements and you will be fine. Do not try to trick Google.