8 Popular Websites Built With WordPress

We all know that WordPress is the most popular CMS and 40% of all websites use it. And some of them are very popular websites and well-known brands.

Although WordPress is very popular, many people don’t like it for different reasons.

But these famous websites show that WordPress is an amazing tool and you can build any type of website with it.

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Almost all the big brands that use WordPress, have their own custom themes that have a unique design. And some of them are very beautiful and high-quality.

Now let’s dive in and see which big brands use WordPress as their main tool.

1. TechCrunch

popular websites techcrunch

TechCrunch is one of the most popular websites. It is an online newspaper that focuses on tech and startups. And it is built with WordPress. And it is the best example of how well WordPress handles big traffic.

On average, TechCrunch gets 14 million visits each month and it works perfectly. So, WordPress is great for big websites. But you need very good hosting for that.

TechCrunch uses a custom theme and displays Twitter and Google ads on pages.

2. Variety

variety magazine

Variety is a very famous American media company and its website is made with WordPress. It uses a custom theme and gets more than 18 million visits per month.

This website has hundreds and thousands of articles and it has no problem with performance. It uses different tools and widgets for analytics, ads, etc.

Also, Variety uses a very popular push notification plugin OneSignal.

3. Microsoft News

MS News portal built with WordPress

Microsoft doesn’t need an introduction. And it uses WordPress for Microsoft News which looks amazing and very professional.

Like the other two popular websites, it uses a custom theme and Yoast plugin for SEO. And it is hosted on WP Engine which is a very popular and powerful hosting platform for WordPress.

So, if Microsoft uses WordPress for its blog, it means that WordPress is really a powerful CMS.

4. Star Wars Blog

official star wars blog

May WordPress be with you. Yes, the official Star Wars Blog is built with WordPress. It is a simple website with articles and videos. It gets almost 2 million visits per month.

For hosting, they use Akamai Technologies and have their own theme called Star Wars Theme. It has a simple but very modern and beautiful design.

Also, they use famous plugins like Yoast and W3 Total Cache.

5. Angry Birds

angry birds website

Angry Birds may not be on the most popular websites list but it is definitely one of the most famous games in the world. And its website is made with WordPress. Uses a custom theme.

It has a very distinct and beautiful design. When you look at it, it’s hard to imagine that it is built with WordPress. But it is. And the website is hosted on Amazon.

It is using Yoast and W3 Total Cache plugins and other widgets and tools.

6. The New York Times

NY Times company website

Another big name that uses WordPress is The New York Times. But it doesn’t use WordPress for the news portal but for the company website. And it looks very clean and professional.

On the website, they have info about the company, journalism, careers, and more. Although it is not a traffic-heavy website, it works smoothly.

They have their custom theme and for hosting they use Fastly which uses Ngnix servers.

7. The Walt Disney Company

Walt Disney official website

Another big name that uses is The Walt Disney Company. The website is very simple with different information and article. Design is nothing special.

Like other websites, it is built with a custom theme. They have their website hosted on Amazon. Also, they use the Yoast plugin for SEO.

8. Sony Music

Sony music WordPress website

And the last big name on this list is Sony Music. It is a website about artists, labels, news, and videos and it is built with WordPress. Sony Music is a very low-traffic website.

They have their own theme and using Cloudflare which is a very popular CDN platform. Also, Sony Music uses Yoast and W3 Total Cache plugins.


As you can see WordPress is used by many popular websites and brands as their main tool and CMS. There are many other famous websites and blogs that use WordPress.

And this proves that WordPress is a very powerful and great tool for building big and beautiful websites without problems.

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