5 Best Push Notification Plugins For WordPress

Push notification is a simple and great way to collect subscribers for your website. It works in a simple way and subscribers don’t have to input the email.

It is very easy to create this notification on WordPress with plugins. There are a handful of plugins but some are better than others. I picked my favorites for this list.

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Some people like popups or newsletter subscription forms but I really love push notifications. It is easy to design and install and very good for user experience.

What Is A Push Notification

Push notifications are little tabs that allow you to subscribe to a blog and you will get notified when a new post is published.

It can have different designs and can be in different places on a website. It can slide from the top, slide up from the bottom, and can have a slide-in design.

push example

It is like a newsletter subscription but email is not required. Very convenient for visitors and easy to install for you. Many popular websites use it. Works on desktop and mobile too.

Now, let’s dive in and find out what are the best plugins and what features do they offer.

1. iZooto

izooto push notification

iZooto is my favorite push notification plugin for WordPress. It is very easy to install, edit, and has great features. The free version is enough for almost every website.

In order for it to work, you have to install the plugin and create a free account on their website. And from there you can do everything. You can design a notification bar for desktop and mobile, change colors and text.

Also, you can create an audience and send custom notifications. You can see how many subscribers you have and see reports. Really a great and easy-to-use plugin.

2. OneSignal

onesignal plugin

OneSignal is another very popular plugin. I have used it on many websites and it works great. Has many cool options and a free version is very powerful.

You can create different kinds of notifications. You can have slides or just a button. Change text, colors, add your logo, and make it custom. You have to create an account on their website.

The only thing I don’t like is the interface. For some people, it may be confusing and inconvenient. They should redesign the whole notification creation process.

3. WonderPush

wonderpush for wordpress

WonderPush is a premium push notification plugin. You have to pay $1 for 1000 subscribers. It is almost free and has amazing features. Used by many websites.

It offers fast installation, analytics, automation, audiences, etc. You can create beautiful notifications with it. It works with iOS, Android, and the web.

It is not free but $1 is almost nothing. For 2000 subs you have to pay $2 and so on. Really a great and powerful tool.

4. SendPulse

sendpulse push notification

SendPulse is a collection of tools. You can create email campaigns, chatbots, and also web push notifications. It is free for 10 000 subscribers and offers great features.

It has an easy-to-use builder and you can create different types of notification designs. Create automation, audiences, and see reports.

This plugin offers different options such as unlimited notifications, RSS support, personalized messages, and more. Also, their other products are great too.

5. PushAssist

pushassist web push

And the last but not least plugin on this list is PushAssist. It allows you to create rich and engaging push notifications with ease. It works for both – desktop and mobile devices.

The features it offers are fast installation, multi-device support, analytics, tracking, scheduling, and much more. It is also great for eCommerce and marketing.

They have a free version that allows you to have up to 3000 subscribers with unlimited subs and 5 segments.


With these web push notifications, you can create audiences and build your marketing campaign easily. Install them, tweak them, and try them on your website.

Soon you will see your audience grows and campaigns give you the ability to gain more traffic to your website.

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