9 Best Elementor Plugins To Embrace

Elementor is the most popular page builder. And there are many good Elementor plugins that add a new block to it. You can create beautiful websites even with the free Elementor version.

Different add-ons come with different widgets and blocks. Some of the plugins include pre-made website templates. You can import them and you will have a beautiful website in a blink of an eye.

And if you want more pro features, almost every Elementor plugins have a premium version. But you can do just fine with a free version.

I already have a post on two of my favorite Elementor addons – Unlimited Elements and Ooohboi Steroids. You can use these plugins simultaneously.

What Are Elementor Plugins?

As you know, Elementor is a page builder for WordPress. It uses widgets and blocks to build a website. But not all the default has all the features.

So, here comes Elementor plugins. They add widgets and block to the defaults. And you are able to create even more beautiful and modern websites.

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If you don’t want to buy Elementor Pro for more features, you can use the free version and install these addons and you will do great.

Top Elementor Plugins

I myself tested all the plugins and they work great, they are easy to use, and they really add another layer of customization to websites. Let’s see the best plugins for Elementor and what they can offer.

1. ElementsKit

elements kit elementor plugins

One of my favorite addons is ElementsKit. It is a very powerful plugin. It contains over 35 widgets such as posts, pricing, video, buttons, and much more. It also includes some amazing pre-designed templates.

But the real power of this plugin is its header and footer builder. With Elementor free you cant customize the header and footer of your website. And ElementsKit allows you to create your own header or footer.

2. Essential Addons

elementor plugins

One of the most popular Elementor plugins is Essential Addons. I have used it on many websites and it works well. It offers many cool widgets like posts, team members, accordions, countdowns, etc.

Also includes some cool extensions. If you want to have a reading progress bar, table of contents, duplicator, this plugin has it covered. This is a very good and powerful addon.

3. Exclusive Addons

exclusive addons

Another great addon for Elementor is Exclusive Addons. It has some great widgets and they are somewhat already designed. So you don’t have to build sections from the scratch.

Some great blocks included in this plugin are animated texts, dual headings, flip box, Google Maps, image magnifier, modal popups, etc. really a great plugin everyone should try.

4. Happy Addons

happy elementor

Happy Addons is another great addition to Elementor. Greatly designed and developed widgets will make your website modern and clean. Has a premium version too.

In the free version of this plugin, you will have charts, cards, calendars, grids, pricing tables, reviews, bars, and other cool and necessary blocks. Cool widgets that are fully responsive.

5. Droit

Droit addons for elementor

Droit is one of the best addons for Elementor page builder. It comes with great features and widgets that will have a good impact on your website design. Droit Elementor addon includes widgets, pre-made sections, and also ready to use pages.

Although it’s a premium plugin, it comes with 20+ free widgets such as a table, blog, card, banner, FAQ, progress bar, countdown, pricing, and more. Pro widgets include a dual button, image comparison, advanced slider, video popup, etc.

Another power of Droit is in its templates. The library comes with 200+ blocks and 20 pages that you can insert. The library has some free and pro templates. Categories are vast and include pricing, team, contact, timeline, and much more.

6. Layouts


Layouts is a different plugin. It doesn’t have widgets for Elementor. Instead, it has already made templates that can be imported. Then you can change text and images and you will have a website in minutes.

But it is one-page templates and is best for landing or home pages. They have templates for corporate, education, food, app, services, and salon websites. If you want to build a page in seconds, then you should try Layouts.

7. Master Addons

master elementor plugins

If you need more Elementor plugins then try powerful Master Addons. It offers many widgets like an accordion, CTA, dual heading, image effects, infobox, table of contents, etc.

Other than widgets and extensions it has a built-in header, footer, sections, and page templates. You can build the whole page or different sections for free in a couple of minutes.

8. PowerPack Lite


Great features from the PowerPack Lite plugin. It allows using 15+ free widgets. really easy to use and customize. Some cool widgets are buttons, counter, fancy heading, image hotspots, carousel, promo box, etc.

But that’s not all. It has very beautiful and well-designed templates. You can use these templates in different sections like hero, contact, features, FAQ, services, pricing, gallery, and much more.

9. Style Kits

style kits plugin

And the last addon in the Elementor plugins list is Style Kits. It is a template addon for Elementor like Layouts. Carefully designed templates with modern and clean designs for different types of websites.

Other than templates and blocks it allows you to use style kits. These kits are a combination of colors and fonts. If you don’t know how color and typography works in web design, you can use these kits and make beautiful websites.


Elementor plugins make it more powerful and it is even easier to create stunning websites in a short time period. If you are an Elementor user, you should try these add-ons, and maybe you will find your favorite one.

All of these plugins are very high-quality, constantly updated, and there will be no problems with Elementor.

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