How To Share Posts On Social Media

When you have a blog it is crucial to be able to share posts on social media. It makes your blog popular, you get more visitors and it is great for SEO too.

You can do it with a plugin. There are many plugins that do exactly that, but I have my favorite one. It is very easy to use and works great.

It has different display options and many other great features. Let’s dive in and see how it works.

Install Plugin

First, you go to Plugins from the WordPress dashboard and search for Grow. Install and activate the plugin.

install share posts

There will be new section on your WordPress dashboard. From here you can change different settings for sharing icons and more.

Customize Grow

Grow offers different options. You can have social share icons on the above/below content or you can have floating icons. It is up to you what you choose. I like floating icons.

When you display floating icons, always check how it looks on mobile. It may block some text from reading.

You can have both. Settings are the same for both options and are very easy to customize.

share posts settings

You can share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or send it as an email. Also, it has print options.

Now choose display options – icon shapes, position, animation, mobile version, etc.

Next choose whether you want to show share count, how you want to display it, etc.

And the last option: what you want to share – posts, pages or both?

After that save changes and it is ready. Now your posts and pages are ready to be shared on social media. You can see share counts too.


As you can see it is very easy to share posts and pages on social media. It is very important for every website, especially for blogs.