6 Best WooCommerce Alternatives

WordPress allows you to create online stores with the WooCommerce plugin. But some people prefer WooCommerce alternatives that have different features and options.

Although WooCommerce is a full eCommerce solution and very powerful, other platforms may be a better suit for your business.

These platforms are made specifically for that purpose and are somewhat easier to use. Especially for beginners.

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If you don’t know how to create WordPress websites, then these WooCommerce alternatives may be a better solution for you.

I picked the best eCommerce platforms that work perfectly and are very easy to start your online business.

Let’s dive in and find out what they offer.

1. Shopify

shopify platform

Shopify is the most popular eCommerce platform and one of the best WooCommerce alternatives you can find. Very powerful and has all the features an online shop needs.

It has free and paid themes you can install for your website. Their themes are beautiful and professional looking. Also, Shopify has apps. Similar to WordPress plugins.

Like themes, they have free and pro apps. You can install different apps like page speed boosters, analytics, order tracking, invoice generator, etc. You can have as big an online shop as you want.

2. Squarespace

squarespace shop

Another great platform for eCommerce is Squarespace. Although it is not only an eCommerce platform, you can build beautiful online stores with it. Also, you can create other types of websites.

Like Shopify, it also has pre-made designs you can start with. Of course, you can customize it to your liking. They have one of the best templates. They look so beautiful.

Squarespace is great for small to medium-size online stores. For a big and scalable eCommerce website, I recommend Shopify.

3. BigCommerce


BigCommerce is a very powerful tool. Offers great eCommerce solutions and features. Like Shopify, it is only an eCommerce platform. Great for big-size online stores.

They offer personalized solutions. You can choose your industry or type of business and it is customized to its needs. You are able to choose apparel, health, food, wholesale, B2B, etc.

They also offer BigCommerce Essentials which is great for simple, small-size online stores. Great for starting businesses. You get all the essentials you need.

4. Magento

magento woocommerce alternatives

Magento is another popular WooCommerce alternatives you can use. It is an open-source platform run by Adobe. A very powerful tool for your business.

It is great for any size business whether it’s small, medium, or enterprise. Magento has tools like page builders, templates, integrated B2B, extensions, etc.

Magento is great for different kinds of industries such as fashion, food, health, automotive, etc. It is a cloud-based platform.

5. Volusion

volusion online

Volusion is a great eCommerce solution for small to medium-sized businesses. Very easy to use and packed with features. Has services for marketing and design.

Like many other platforms, it offers pre-made templates for your website. They have free templates and more professional pro templates. They offer more than 40 pre-made designs.

They offer great features such as a rich content editor, CSS editor, payment gateways, security, CRM, tax calculator, drop shipping, and much more.

6. Ecwid

ecwid sell online

And the last platform on WooCommerce alternatives is a very powerful tool called Ecwid. It has amazing features not many companies offer. You can sell, market, and manage your business with Ecwid.

And the great thing about this platform is that not only you can sell on a website but on Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and Google. And you can manage all your social media stores from the dashboard.

It is very easy to create a website or sell on social media with Ecwid. Also, they have a free plan which is an amazing feature. And the pricing is one of the cheapest.


If you don’t know how to build websites with WordPress and want to create an online store, then try one of these WooCommerce alternatives and create your dream online business faster and easier than ever before.

All of these tools are great and all have their own uniqueness and offer different features. Choose the one that meets your requirements.

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