How To Create Contact Form For Free

I think that every website must have a contact form. Because it is much easier for people to contact you about any topic and ask a question. And to create a WordPress contact form is very easy.

I will show you how to create a contact form for free with my favorite plugin. It has many options, easy to use interface, and works very well on every WordPress theme.

Let’s dive in and create a WordPress contact form right now.

Create WordPress Contact Form

Go to WordPress plugins repository and install & activate Forminator plugin.

Then, go to the Forminator dashboard, choose the Create button under the forms section, and on the pop-up window choose blank. You can choose any pre-made form but I like to start from scratch.

Wordpress contact form

After that input the name of your form and click the Create button. Now you are in a form builder where you can add fields, change colors, fonts, etc.

Let’s build a WordPress contact form that has a name, email, subject, and text fields.

To do this, press the Insert Fields button and choose the Name field. Then repeat and insert Email, Text, and Textarea fields.

You can drag fields and make them side by side. After you add all the fields click the Publish button and the form will be created. My form looks like this:

form inputs

It pops up the window with the shortcode but we don’t need it yet. Now you can click each field and change settings like label, placeholder, make it required, etc.

Don’t forget to update the form every time you change something.

Change Appearance

Now it is time to beautify our contact form. In the Appearance section, we change fonts, colors, containers, etc.

First of all, choose a style. I like Flat and Material. You can choose which one you like the most. Also, you can preview your form anytime with the Preview button in the upper right corner.

Wordpress contact form

Now scroll below and you will see the Colors and Fonts section. If you want to change colors, choose custom and you will see all the options you can choose like fields, placeholders, background, button, success & error messages, and more.

It is up to you how you want your form to look like so do whatever you want. The same works with fonts but I always use default fonts because I have them set on my theme.

You can also change padding, border, spacing options, and even add some custom CSS. It gives you almost unlimited options and features.

Submission & Notifications

Save the form and go to the Behavior section. In this section, you set different options for contact form submission. After submission, you can take a visitor to a specific page or just hide a form.

Also, you can change the load method, validation type, indicator, autofill. There are many options and you can tweak by your taste.


Next, go to Email Notifications, click Admin Mail and let’s change some settings. Here you tweak mail that is sent to you after a visitor submits a form. You are able to change the title and text of the mail.

On the Recipients tab input your email or emails (separated by comma) where you want to get submissions. As you can see, Forminator has an email routing feature too.

On the Advanced tab set it as displayed on the image below. Click Add and update your form.

Last Tweaks

If you want to integrate your WordPress contact form into a third-party app, you can do it from the Integrations sections. Leave everything as is on the Settings section, update the form and finally, contact form creation is done.

Go to the Forminator dashboard and next to your newly created form, you will see a little gear icon. Click it and here you can copy the shortcode and paste it on pages or posts.


As you saw it is very easy to create a WordPress contact form. This plugin gives almost every feature that some premium plugins offer. Also, with Forminator you can create polls and quizzes.

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