8 Best Writing Assistant Tools For Bloggers

Writing can be tiring and time-consuming. That’s why there are tools such as writing assistants for bloggers or any content writers.

They make our job easier and more fun. Modern technology has the power to make every aspect of humans life better. And we have many tools that can help us to make our work easier, faster, and results are much better.

Perhaps a writing assistant, that helps you to create text-based content, is the best tool for bloggers, marketers, or any other content writers.

What Is Writing Assistant

A writing assistant is a tool that helps you to create any kind of text faster and easier. You can write articles, create Facebook ad text, generate title ideas, Youtube video titles, and so on.

These tools use OpenAI which is an amazing creation. These writing assistant tools use their power to create apps that can think and create content for us, humans. Although AI is a relatively new concept, it’s already been proved that it can do its job very well.

These writing tools have different apps in it and it allows you to create different kinds of content. You can write whole blog posts, titles, ad text, emails, and much more. And the workflow is pretty easy.

You just give it command what to do and it generates the content. For example, you can tell it to write an intro to any topic and it will write an introduction. These tools can write about everything and the content they generate are great. You can’t tell that it was created by AI.

Although these tools are not cheap, I recommend you to invest in them because you will save a lot of time.

Writing Assistants Benefits

Writing assistants have many benefits and especially they are great for bloggers. You can create 1500-2000 word blog posts in thirty minutes. And they have a very easy learning curve.

Not only do these AI tools generate great content, but they are also amazing time savers. And time is money. When you have a blog and you write your own content, it takes a lot of time to create good and long articles.

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But with Writing assistants, you can create really good blog posts in minutes. You just structure your article, give commands to the tool and it writes for you. You just need to read it and correct some minor mistakes.

Many bloggers have adapted AI tools and they create a lot of content. And as you already know, content is the king of blogging. So, you can implement AI tools and create more awesome content faster.

Now let’s dive in and find out the best AI writing assistants you can use to create great content for your blog faster.


Jarvis AI tool

Jarvis is the best AI writing assistant based on GPT-3. You will be blown away by what it can do and how good it can do it. This is the best tool for bloggers to write awesome content very fast. Jarvis is a very sophisticated tool and it can do more than just writing blog posts.

Jarvis is not only for bloggers but online marketers too. With it, you can create blog posts, generate title ideas, create post outlines, descriptions, texts for advertisement, and much more. It’s very easy to do and has built-in commands that make it easier to use Jarvis.

Another great feature of Jarvis is that it supports 25+ languages. So, you can create content in different languages. Hands down the best copywriting tool.


Writesonic writing tool

Writesonic is another great copywriting tool and alternative to Jarvis. Of course, it uses AI to generate any content you want. With Writesonic you can create articles, landing pages, product descriptions, ideas, and more. And another great feature is that you can generate content in 20+ different languages.

It has a very simple interface which makes it easy to use it. Even for beginners. You just choose the type of content you want it to generate, describe it, and in seconds it will give you the results. Writesonic is for bloggers, agencies, marketing teams, eCommerce brands, and people who create any kind of content.

Writesonic offers a limited free plan. So, you can test and understand it before you decide to buy it.


Rytr writing assistant tool

Rytr is one of the easiest AI writing assistants to use. You can create high-quality content very fast. You can produce content for blog posts, SEO titles, social media posts, Youtube descriptions, interview questions, and more. Like Writesonic, it also offers a free plan to test and learn it. Also, Rytr is cheaper than many other AI copywriting tools.

Rytr offers various awesome features. You can create 30+ different types of content, supports 30+ languages, and also you can choose the tone of voice. Depending on a blog post, you can choose between formal, convincing, passionate, and other tones of voice. A handy tool for bloggers and copywriters.

Although it might not be as powerful as Jarvis, it’s a great option for most people. It is cheaper and also has a free plan.


Peppertype for bloggers

Peppertype is another great helper tool for copywriters and bloggers. It’s one of my favorite ones among other affordable AI tools. Offers a free plan and is a very powerful tool with extremely good features. With it, you can generate 30+ distinct types of content, and it’s great for bloggers, marketing teams, product managers, and SEO geeks.

The type of content you can generate with Peppertype is huge. What you can create with it are blog posts, blog ideas, Facebook ad copies, tweet ideas, Youtube video titles and descriptions, product descriptions, features, and more. You get unlimited features in one tool.

The team behind Peppertype offers various services like content writing, graphic design, and translation.


outranking for copywriters

Outranking is a great tool to assist you in blogging on copywriting. Has decent pricing plans and also offers a free plan with limited features. You can create different types of content with Outranking. But it works a little differently from other AI tools. Includes different tools that help you to create amazing content faster.

One of the tools is AI Wizard. With it, you can create blog titles, descriptions, and outlines in seconds. Another tool called Concepts helps you to collect facts about a specific topic. Other tools it has are SERP analysis, SEO scoring, instructions, etc. Outranking supports 13 languages.

Another great thing about Outranking is that it integrates with WordPress, Google Docs, and Grammarly.


Inkforall co-writing and SEO

Inkforall is one of the most affordable writing assistants with great features. It offers a free plan too. But it’s not only a writing tool. Inkforall is co-writing and SEO assistant tool with unique features and its own editor. A great tool for bloggers and website owners. Also, it includes various tools. GPT-3 powers Inkforall.

It has three main tools. With the first one, you can create blog posts and expand, simplify, or rewrite them. The second tool is an SEO assistant and helps you to optimize your content for search engines which is the main tool for ranking. And the third tool is the editor where you can create content, edit, and optimize it. Inkforall is a collection of amazing tools.

Other than that you can create Facebook ads, different text for Youtube, eCommerce, etc. Also, includes business and domain name generators.


ShortlyAI writing assistant

ShortlyAI is another great assistant tool for bloggers. It uses GPT-3 as its engine. When you have writer’s block, this is the tool to use. It can generate high-quality content in just seconds. You can expand, or rewrite your articles with ShortlyAI. It’s a bit expensive tool compared to others and doesn’t offer a free plan.

What you can do with ShortlyAI is to create, expand, and rewrite long articles, generate lots of ideas, questions, and structures very quickly. Also, they have a well-documented page where you can easily learn how it works. ShortlyAI is one of the easiest writing tools to use.

ShortlyAI was acquired by the team behind Jarvis. So, perhaps soon it will become more powerful.

AI Writer

AI writer simple helper tool

The AI Writer is a simple yet powerful text generator that uses AI. You can generate high-quality, relevant content in minutes. Offers very decent pricing plans with a free trial. You can generate content just from the title. AI Writer works only with the English language.

It can generate full-length, unique content. And it’s very SEO-friendly. The AI Writer is a simple tool compared to other similar tools on this list. Great assistant tool for any blog owner who creates content by himself. It can save your time and money with little effort.


Copywriting and blogging can be time-consuming and tiring. Sometimes you may have a lack of ideas. That’s where AI writing assistants come in handy. With them, you can create unique, long, and well-written articles just in seconds. Very easy to work with and saves you a lot of time.

Also, you can generate ideas, titles, ad copies, and much more with AI writing tools. They are great for bloggers, copywriters, marketers, Youtubers, and people who create any kind of content.

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