Sitehecker: Best SEO Health Tool

If you are a blog owner, you know how critical SEO is. Your website must have good SEO health to rank in Google search which means organic traffic.

It is very hard to manually analyze your website and check if SEO or website health, in general, is in good shape.

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But the good news is that there are several good SEO tools. These tools help us, bloggers and website owners, to check our website, find & fix the issues.

I want to introduce you to a great SEO health tool – Sitechecker. With the help of this tool, you can easily analyze your websites’ health.

What Is Sitechecker

Sitechecker is the SEO health checker tool that covers all aspects of Search Engine Optimization. It analyzes websites, finds, and shows what needs fixing.

This tool is a premium tool but it allows you to analyze websites for free. Of course, with some limitations. But the free version has almost everything you need.

It has different tools you can use separately or you can use their all in one tool. Also, they have a Chrome extension that allows you to analyze websites’ SEO health straight into the browser.

Here is the list of tools they offer:

  • Website Health Checker – SEO audit for the whole website.
  • Website Rank Checker – Checks websites’ position by keywords.
  • Free Backlinks Checker – Shows all the backlinks of a website.
  • On-Page SEO Checker – How a website is optimized for On-Page SEO.
  • Website Traffic Checker – Shows website analytics.

These are one-time checker tools but if you want to monitor your website, you can use tools such as Website Changes Monitoring, Website Rank Tracker, and website Backlink Checker.

How To Check SEO Health With Sitechecker

Now, let’s dive in and see how you can check your website health with Sitechecker. We’ll find out what each of these tools does and what statistics it shows.

Just go to their website, choose the tool, enter your websites’ URL and wait for the results.

Health Checker

The first tool is the SEO health checker. This tool crawls your pages, analyzes them, and shows the various issues. These issues are divided into three categories – critical, warnings, and notices.

With free version it can show results for only 150 pages. For more page analysis, you need a pro version.

Errors it can find are title duplicates, HTTPS problems, server errors, open graph issues, missing alt texts, etc.

website seo health

Each error has a very good explanation of how to fix them. So, you can easily fix all the problems your website has.

Also, it shows the overall website health score.

Rank Checker

The next tool that Sitechecker offers is the website rank checker. It shows what keywords your pages are ranking for. Simply and beautifully.

In an elegant list, this tool shows you the keyword you are ranking for, the URL of the post, the position of your post in SERP.

ranking check

Also, you can see search volume of the keyword, CPC, and top country your website is ranking in.

The only downside is that the free version can show only 10 keywords. For more, you have to upgrade to a pro version.

Backlink Checker

Backlink checker is an awesome SEO health tool. It shows all the backlinks that your website has. And backlinks are very important for SEO.

This tool gives thorough information about website backlinks. The limitation of a free version is that you can see only 20 backlinks.

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You can see a total number of backlinks, referring domains, dofollow backlinks, and a total number of referring IPs.

check backlinks

Also, you can see dofollow vs nofollow links in a graph, top 5 link anchors, top 5 pages with backlinks.

And last, you can see a list of twenty websites that are linking to yours. You can see URL, anchor, link type, the total number of links, and domain & URL authority.

On-Page SEO Checker

On-page SEO is essential for every website. It means how individual pages are optimized for search engines. And this tool analyzes that.

You can inspect any page or post you like. And it shows a great number of results.

It gives your page an overall score, shows the status of it, page size, and if it is indexable by search engines. You can clearly see issues and fix them with the help of their guides.

on-page seo health

But it shows more. You can see results for content optimization which means how good your titles and descriptions are, how they look on SERP, most used words, etc.

It also shows if your website is optimized for sharing on social media. Does your websites’ open graphs work and how your page looks on social media.

Finds out images without alt text, checks if your page is indexable, does HTTPS works, and if external or internal links have any issues.

Also, it works as a website speed checker and shows your website speed for mobile and desktop versions.

website speed

It uses Google PageSpeed Insights for that and shows all the issues you can fix. So, with this free tool, you can find out every problem your page has and fix it quickly.

Traffic Checker

You can check your website traffic with Sitechecker very easily. Traffic Checker shows you every detail of your website’s traffic.

You can see traffic overview, engagement such as bounce rate, average visit duration, etc.

sitechecker analytics

See from which country your visitors come from, what is the source of the traffic, social traffic, referral, etc.

It also shows you the top five organic and paid keywords. All this awesome information about your website can be very useful if used correctly.

And additionally, you can see the list of the competitor website.

Sitechecker Pricing

Most SEO health tools are expensive and often beginner bloggers can’t invest in them. And it’s understandable because new blogs don’t generate income.

But a great thing about Sitechecker is that it’s affordable, especially compared to famous SEO tools like Ahrefs and Semrush.

The basic plan is just $23 per month for the annual plan and $29 for the monthly plan. It allows you to monitor 3 websites and 1500 URLS, 150 keywords, and 3000 backlinks for each website.

Sitechecker price plans

That is great pricing for the features you get. Additionally, all the plans include features such as unlimited traffic check, unlimited site audits, Google Analytics & Search Console integration, and more.

Sitechecker is a great website health tool that is very affordable and an awesome option for small websites or beginner bloggers.


Because Search Engine Optimization is vital for blogs’ success, you definitely need to know your website’s SEO health. And the tools like Sitechecker will help you to find and fix the issues of your website.

It’s free and allows you to check different aspects of your website like traffic, backlinks, speed, etc. You can use their website or Chrome extension.

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