Add AdSense On WordPress Easily In 3 Steps

Ads are great for passive income. And it is very easy to add AdSense on WordPress websites. If you have never done it then you came to the right place. I will show how you can add Google ads to your WordPress website.

It is easy and also, Google allows you to add different types of ads on a website. Adding AdSense on WordPress websites is a good and quick way to start earning but it doesn’t mean a website must be a cluster of ads. It is the opposite.

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Now, let me show how easy it is to add AdSense on WordPress websites and how many ads a website should have, and the best places to insert the ads.

Step 1: Add Your Website To AdSense

In order to use Google Ads and add AdSense on WordPress websites, you need a Google account. Today almost everybody has a Google account.

If you have a Gmail, Youtube, or Google Drive account, it means you have a Google account. If not, register now and come back.

Next, go to the Google AdSense page and click the Get Started button. Now you have to fill in the form. Insert your website URL, your email address, and click Save & Continue.

adsense on wordpress

Google needs a couple of days to check your website. Remember that you have to have content on your website and it should be at least 3 months old.

If everything is OK, a couple of days after you will receive an email that your website is ready to have ads.

If You Already Have An AdSense Account…

Perhaps you have an AdSense account, maybe for Youtube. In this case, you can use this account for your website. Just sign in to your AdSense account, go to Sites and add a site this way.

existing account

Google still needs a couple of days to check your website. Remember that Google doesn’t like spam websites. So make sure that your website has an SSL, about, contact, and privacy policy page. And some content.

Step 2: Create Ads

Now it is time to create ads and then add AdSense on WordPress. From your dashboard, go to the Ads tab and you will see that there are different options: By Site, By Ad Unit, Global Settings.

Go to Global Settings and make sure that Let Google optimize the size of your mobile ads are on.

GA units

Then go to By Ad Unit and here you will see 3 options you can choose from. These are the different ad types and you are free to choose which one you like. Ad units are:

  • Display Ads – These are the most common ads you see on sidebars, headers, and footers.
  • In Feed Ads – This type of ad is inserted between articles. You can create automatic or manual ads.
  • In Article Ads – These ads are like feed ads but instead of articles, they are inserted in the post, between paragraphs.

I personally use Display Ads and I will show you how to add them to your website.

Go there and choose your ad name. Set size to Responsive. You can choose a square, vertical, or horizontal ad. I like squares. You can choose another one.

GA ads

After you finish click Save and you will see the HTML code snippet. This is the code that has to be inserted on WordPress. So, copy it on a clipboard and click Done.

Step 3: AdSense On WordPress

In this step, you will learn how to insert AdSense on WordPress websites. You can insert Display Ads anywhere you like – on pages, posts, header, footer, sidebar. And this can be done by using WordPress widgets.

From the WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance and then Widgets. Here choose the Custom HTML tab and select the widget area you want to add ads to.

Every modern WordPress theme has multiple widget areas. Pick which one you want and add a widget.

Remember the HTML code snippet you copied when you created the ad? You need to paste that code here. You can give it a title and then press Save. That’s it. You successfully added AdSense on WordPress.

insert the add

It may take a couple of minutes or hours for the ad to show. Don’t worry, it will appear. And Google knows which ads to show depending on your website niche.

Best Places To Insert Ads

There are multiple areas to add ads but In my opinion, the best areas are the sidebar and footer. I don’t like ads in headers or in posts. I love clean websites and too many ads can make a website look like spam.

But if you want an ad in the header you can do it. If you want to have ads in your posts then choose In Article Ads and Google will automatically insert ads between paragraphs.

But I recommend that you add one advertisement on the sidebar, on every page. And you can add more than once on your footer.

This way your website will be cleaner and professional-looking. Also, you can create different ad units for different pages.


Now you know how to add Google AdSense to WordPress Websites. It is easy and a great way to earn money and have a passive income. Just do not saturate a website with ads. It will have a bad effect. One ad per page is enough.

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