11 Best Free Gutenberg Plugins

Gutenberg is becoming more popular and many new Gutenberg plugins are created almost every day. These plugins add more functionality to the Gutenberg editor. Because Gutenberg is relatively new, it lacks some features, so Gutenberg block can fix that.

There are many Gutenberg plugins – some free and some premium – that can add many functionalities and blocks. On this list, I picked several Gutenberg addons which are free and include different blocks. Some work well with posts and some with pages.

What Are Gutenberg Plugins

Gutenberg plugins are add-ons that will add many blocks to Gutenberg that are not in default Gutenberg blocks. They have more functionalities and are more customizable.

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So, it helps the user to create more powerful and beautiful posts and pages with Gutenberg. Also, it is good because Gutenberg is more lightweight in comparison with other page builders.

Now, let’s see which Gutenberg plugins you can install on your WordPress website to add more options and functionalities to create beautiful posts or pages.

1. Ultimate Addons

ultimate addons gutenberg plugins

The first Gutenberg addon I want to share with you is Ultimate Addons For Gutenberg, which is a popular plugin. Made by the team behind the Astra theme, these Gutenberg blocks are well-made and very versatile.

It offers more than 20 Gutenberg blocks that are well-designed. This plugin includes Gutenberg add-ons like:

  • Post Grid
  • Price Table
  • Multi Buttons
  • Carousels
  • Info Box
  • Timeline
  • Google Map
  • CTA

2. Kadence Blocks

Kadence blocks

Kadence Blocks is a great add-on for Gutenberg and it works well with the Kadence WordPress theme. It extends Gutenberg’s capabilities and gives the ability to create custom layouts.

More customization means custom and engaging content which is a great thing. This Gutenberg add-on includes blocks like:

  • Gallery
  • Form
  • Advanced Heading
  • Tabs
  • Accordion
  • Icon List
  • Table Of Content

3. PostX

Gutenberg posts

One of the best Gutenberg plugins for blogs is PostX. I accidentally came across this plugin and fell in love with it since then. It has many beautifully designed blocks for posts.

Also, comes with pre-made blog pages you can upload on your website. Has many different sections for the blog and includes blocks like:

  • Post Lists
  • Post Grids
  • Post Slider
  • Heading Blocks
  • Table Of Content
  • Wrapper

4. Stackable

stackable gutenberg plugins

Stackable is another powerful Gutenberg blocks plugin with 20+ blocks. It also includes ready-made designs and kits. Stackable makes it easier to build pages and insert custom blocks in your posts.

I personally use this plugin when I build pages with Gutenberg. It really makes your work easier. Here is the list of some of the blocks included:

  • Blockquote
  • CTA
  • Card
  • Divider
  • Image Box
  • Pricing
  • Testimonials

5. Gutentor

gutentor gutenberg blocks

Gutentor is not just a block library, it is like a page builder package and a very powerful one. Very easy to build WordPress websites with this add-on. It allows you to build modern websites very quickly.

It is a lightweight and SEO-friendly Gutenberg blocks plugin. Also, comes with pre-made, easy to import templates. The list of blocks is big and here is some of them:

  • Counter
  • Progress Bar
  • Video Popup
  • Rating
  • Slider
  • Carousel
  • Posts

6. Getwid

getwid blocks

One of the best Gutenberg plugins is Getwid. It is a collection of 40+ Gutenberg blocks that extends its capabilities. It has some default blocks but also offers some unique ones. Works with any theme and is very customizable.

Like other plugins, it includes some already made designs which look great. These designs include sections like a hero, about, contact, services, etc. Blocks it has are:

  • Popup
  • Image Gallery
  • Price Box
  • Banner
  • Icon Box
  • Google Map
  • Anchor Block

7. Atomic Blocks

atomic blocks for Gutenberg

Another powerful add-on for Gutenberg page builder. With Atomic Blocks, you can create a website very easily and fast. This plugin is well-designed and developed so it works very well and without problems.

Has many cool features and blocks. Also, offers Google AMP supports. Here are some of the blocks you will find n this plugin:

  • Section & Layout
  • Newsletter
  • Post Grid
  • Author Profile
  • Inline Notice
  • CTA
  • Share Icons

8. CoBlocks

gutenberg plugins from godaddy

CoBlocks is a very unique and powerful Gutenberg add-on. It is a lightweight plugin with easy-to-use blocks built-in. With row and column building, it feels like another page builder. Made by GoDaddy and has its own theme.

Other than blocks, you get a page builder feel. A stunning website can be created with this plugin. Some blocks you will find in this Gutenberg blocks plugin are:

  • Map Block
  • Hero Block
  • Food Block
  • Post Block
  • Services Block
  • Form Block
  • Click To Tweet Block

9. Ultimate Blocks

ultimate blocks

One of my favorite Gutenberg plugins is Ultimate Blocks. I use some of its blocks on my website -like a table of content. Really well-designed, powerful, and easy-to-use plugin for your WordPress website.

It is a simple and straightforward block plugin. Comes with very useful add-ons and it is customizable too. If you want a simple to use block library, then you should try it. Here is some block you will get:

  • CTA
  • Feature Box
  • Tabs
  • Testimonials
  • Table Of Content
  • Star Rating
  • Content Filter
  • Image Slider

10. Qubely

qubely plugin

If you are seeking Gutenberg plugins then definitely check Qubely. It is a Gutenberg blocks collection and a page builder with starter packs. A very powerful plugin and Gutenberg add-on.

Minimizes the limitation of Gutenberg with blocks, pre-made sections, and starter packs. With Qubely website design and creation are simple. Other than beautifully made sections you will get:

  • Tabs
  • Counter
  • Social Icons
  • Progress Bar
  • Advanced List
  • Team
  • Timeline
  • Pie Progress

11. GutenBee

gutenbee addon

And the last block on this Gutenberg plugins list is GutenBee which I’ve just found out. It is a block collection add-on and makes the WordPress website design experience fun. It extends Gutenberg’s capabilities.

Made by a team that also offers plugins and themes for WordPress. GutenBee is updated regularly, has 3000+ active installs, and very good reviews. Block included:

  • Buttons
  • Countdown
  • Icon List
  • Image Comparison
  • Slideshow
  • Post Types
  • Video Embed


As you have guessed, you need to have some Gutenberg plugins to extend its capabilities and functions. Also, they make it easier to create websites with WordPress. Try out some of them and pick your favorites.

All the plugins are lightweight, fast, and don’t overweight your website. Works perfectly with WordPress and Gutenberg. You can build extremely good websites with these blocks.

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