7 Best Cheap WordPress Hosting Platforms

When you creating a website one of the most important things is to choose a good hosting provider. But what about cheap WordPress hosting? Can you get good performance at an affordable price?

Yes, you can. There is a number of good affordable hosting designed specifically for WordPress. You buy the hosting and WordPress is installed automatically.

Hosting in this post is cheap because it is shared hosting. It means that you use the shared resources of the server. Because of that, they are cheap.

Why Cheap WordPress Hosting?

You may ask why should you choose cheap shared hosting. This type of hosting is great for beginners or websites with small traffic.

You can save a good amount of money. When you start, you don’t need powerful hosting. Traffic won’t be big so shared, cheap WordPress hosting will be enough.

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After your website becomes popular and you will have bigger traffic, you can always upgrade to another plan or completely change the hosting platform.

Let’s dive in and find out which affordable hosting is better for you.

1. Bluehost

bluehost cheap wordpress hosting

There is not a single cheap WordPress hosting list without Bluehost cause it is one of the oldest and popular ones. Some say that it is not as good as people say but I personally had a blog on Bluehost and it worked great.

They offer one of the cheapest plans with good features and also have a great support team. If you have a problem they will solve it in minutes. At least, this is my experience.

Their starter plan costs $2.95 and features include 1 website, 50GB storage, free SSL, 25 subdomains. For more features buy bigger plans.

2. Hostinger

hostinger wordpress hosting

Another great and one of the cheapest hosting is Hostinger. It is a relatively new company but offers a great deal. And it is managed to host which means you get greater performance.

Also, they use LightSpeed servers which increase website speed. At a low price, you get great performance and features. Also, has a great support team.

Basic plans cost $4.99 and they offer 1 website, 1 email, 10GB storage, free SSL, DNS management, weekly backups, etc.

3. Namecheap


Namecheap is known as a domain registrar but they also offer to host. They have shared hosting but also offer cheap managed WordPress hosting too which is billed monthly or yearly.

I have used Namecheap shared hosting and I had no problems. But if you want to host a WordPress site then I recommend their managed WordPress plan.

The starter plan costs $3.88 per month but the first month is $1. This plan includes 10GB SSD storage, cloud hosting, backups, but no SSL which is included in the next plans.

4. NameHero

namehero hosting

NameHero is a great hosting solution. It is very reliable, affordable, and offers great plans and features. NameHero offers standard web hosting, reseller hosting, and VPS hosting.

This platform uses LiteSpeed technologies and is known for great speed, support, and reliability. They offer security, total control, and really awesome features.

They have 4 plans that start from $2.69 per month to $11.98. The cheapest plans have 1GB of RAM, unlimited SSD storage, free SSL, free website migration.

5. A2 Hosting

a2 hosting

Another popular hosting provider is A2 Hosting which offers both – shared and managed WordPress hosting. Great cheap WordPress hosting with great features.

It has great uptime, speed, and support. I know people who have used it and they are very satisfied.

Basic plans price starts from $2.99 and features include 1 website, 100GB SSD, unlimited emails, free SSL, free CDN, and more.

6. Dreamhost

dreamhost hosting

Dreamhost is a very popular hosting provider with different types of powerful hosting solutions. Their WordPress Basic plans are great for small websites. They have great speed, uptime, and support.

You have three options of payment – monthly, 1 year, or 3 years. And they offer a 97-Day Money-Back Guarantee which is a great feature. If you won’t like it, you will get your money back.

The starter plan costs $4.95 a month and the features they offer are 1 website, free migration, free SSL, but not free email.

7. GreenGeeks

greengeeks cheap wordpress hosting

And the last cheap WordPress hosting provider on this list is GreenGeeks. Really great company with affordable prices and powerful features.

For small websites, I recommend the smallest plan but if you want to host more than 1 website then you should get other plans. And GreenGeeks plans are one of the most feature-packed.

You pay $2.95 a month and get 1 website, free SSL, backups, free CDN, unlimited databases, a LightSpeed server, and more.


As you see if you are just starting and want to build a small website with WordPress, you have many options. Just compare the plans and choose the best cheap WordPress hosting for you. They all are great providers and offer affordable plans.

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