Unlimited Elements: Best Widgets For Elementor

If you want to make Elementor more powerful, you need to try the Unlimited Elements plugin. It is so good and powerful. I am very satisfied that I have found this add-on.

With this plugin, you can extend Elementor’s abilities and add really beautifully done widgets. But it works a little differently than other Elementor addons and I will explain how it works.

As you know, there are many add-on plugins for Elementor but not all of them work great. Some have issues and some don’t offer anything different or new. But this plugin is really different.

You can do so many things with Unlimited Elements, that perhaps you won’t need many other plugins.

Let’s dive in and find out what is Unlimited Elements, what it offers, and if it is really that good.

What Is Unlimited Elements?

Unlimited Elements is a collection of widgets for the Elementor page builder. It adds and extends Elementor’s abilities to build pages.

Also, it has some already made website templates but the main strength is the widgets.

It offers 30+ widget categories and each category contains free and paid widgets. Some of the categories are carousel, pricing, audio, progress bar, hero, Google charts, etc.

unlimited elements dashboard

But you don’t have to have all the widgets. Instead, you choose which one you want to install, and then it appears on Elementor’s side panel. You can preview the widget before installing it.

Great thing is that all widgets and templates have beautiful designs and you don’t have to build it from scratch.

unlimited elements html

Design is already built, you just add your content colors and it’s ready. Of course, you can edit whatever you want.

Also, this plugin is developer-friendly because you can edit widget’s HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can modify, delete, or add your own code. I don’t know any plugins that can do that.

How Unlimited Elements Work

First, you install and activate it from the plugins repository. After activation, it takes to the dashboard from where you can preview and install different widgets. As you can see, each category contains different free and paid widgets.

install plugin

If you want to preview the widgets, just hover on it and click the preview button and it will show you the preview. And if you want to install it, hover and click install.

Choose which widget you want, click install and then go to the page where you want to insert the widget.

When you are inside the page with Elementor, now you can see the widget you have just installed on the right-side panel. Just drag and drop like other widgets and it is ready. You have a fully designed section on your website.

widget drag

Now you can change everything you need: change text, images, colors, fonts, etc. The best thing I like is that it is already designed and designed very well.

That is one of the things I don’t like in Elementor’s default widgets. They don’t have a design and you have to build it on your own.

Click on your widget and in the general tab you will see Edit Widget HTML. Now, click on it and it will open a new window where you can edit HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. How cool is that?

elementor panel

I have found out about this plugin a month ago and I’ve been testing it now when I’m sure that it’s a great plugin, I wanted to share it with you. Just try yourself and you will see it’s power.


If you want to build beautiful websites very easily and without many additional Elementor plugins, then Unlimited Elements is for you. Very powerful plugin with beautiful ready-made widgets.