8 Best SEO Tools: Improve Website Ranking

In order to rank higher on Google, you need to use SEO tools. These tools make it easier to find out what problems your site has and how to improve them.

WordPress gives you the ability to use SEO plugins and create SEO-friendly posts and pages but that is not enough. You don’t see how it performs if it really working.

And here come SEO tools. There are some great apps that can help you and here I am to share them with you. But first, what is an SEO tool.

What Are SEO Tools?

You may have heard about that but don’t know what they are. And it is very simple. SEO tools are apps that will help you to understand how your website performs.

It will collect data and gives you different kinds of reports. You can see your top pages, your best-performing keywords, analysis, suggestions, and much more.

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With this data, you can do so many things that you can’t imagine. It allows you to see the weak spots of your website and helps you to improve it.

There are free tools but for more features, you need to get a pro tool. You don’t need SEO tools for a new website. But after one year it is recommended to start using them.

Let’s dive in.

1. Semrush

semrush seo tools

Semrush is one of the most popular and well-known SEO tools. And that is for a reason. It is a powerful tool that will help websites improve their ranking.

It allows you to search for keywords, audit your on-page SEO, tracking, link building, and analysis reports. Also, you can track your SERP position. But it also offers other tools.

Semrush is great for content marketing, market research, advertising, etc. Find popular topics, analyze the traffic of websites, monitor competitors, and also schedule posts on your social media.

It is a pro tool and you have to pay a subscription fee in order to use it. You can choose from three different plans and the prices are moderate.

2. MOZ

moz pro

Moz is another great tool that will improve and optimize your websites’ SEO performance. It is used by many companies and websites. You can do more than just SEO optimization.

With Moz, you can audit your website, track keyword rankings, analyze your backlinks, research keywords, and more. Also, you can analyze your domain.

Other than that, it has some free SEO tools you can use. Tools they offer free are keyword explorer, link explorer, domain analysis, etc. You can test Moz with these free tools.

Although it is a paid tool, it offers a 30-day trial. After that, you can cancel or buy one of their plans.

3. Ahrefs


A very popular tool for SEO is Ahrefs. Very powerful and a competitor to Semrush and Moz. It is an all-in-one SEO tool and offers free learning material. Also, it has one of the best interfaces.

With Ahrefs you get tools like site explorer, site audit, content & keyword explorers. You can track your ranking and see all of this beautifully designed interface.

You can see websites’ scores, issues & warnings, link errors, and different reports for pages, links, social, performance, and much more. Also, they have a great SEO blog where you can learn a lot of things.

Ahrefs offers a free 7-day trial period. You can test it and then buy one of their plans if you like it.

4. KWFinder

keyword finder

KWFinder may not be as powerful as others mentioned above but it is a great tool. On the other side, it is less expensive and maybe a great choice for new blogs.

It has a great interface and offers SEO tools like keyword research, SERP analysis, rank tracking, backlink analysis, and SEO metrics. Also, it has a browser extension.

Also, KWFinder has great features. You can find competitors’ keywords, organize keywords, search local keywords, filter unprofitable keywords, and more.

They offer a 10-day free trial and very inexpensive pricing plans. Great for newly created websites.

5. SpyFu

research tool spyfu

Perhaps, SpyFu is not as popular as other SEO tools but it is a great and powerful one. With the help of it, you can increase website traffic, track your keywords, and more.

They offer amazing features such as keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink tracking, etc. Also some cool tools for advertising like PPC research & tracking, Google Ads templates, and more.

All of this data and analysis are presented in beautiful reports. You can clearly see all the information, errors, suggestions, and improvements on your dashboard. Also, SpyFu has a great blog page.

They offer three different plans and each of them has a monthly or annual plan. And the prices are not expensive.

6. Surfer

surfer seo tools

Surfer is a great tool that can help you to optimize your website and pages. It is a pro tool that offers a free browser extension for quick keyword research.

It has all the features that other tools have like keyword research, SERP analyzer, SEO audit. But it has a great feature called Content Editor. You can write perfect posts with it.

You drop your blog post and it shows different data and suggestions. Shows the overall SEO score and also word count, how many headings, paragraphs, and images it has. Choose a keyword and see how optimized your post is.

They offer monthly and annual plans and pricing are really inexpensive. It is great for people with a budget.

7. Checkbot

checkbot analyzer

Checkbot is a great SEO tool for analyzing websites. It is also very easy to use. You need to install Chrome Extension, paste the URL in the search, and analyze it.

The free version analyzes 100 pages and it can be enough to understand and see problems your website has. With the pro version, it can analyze 10 000 URLs per crawl, results can be exported, etc.

But the reason Checkbot is great is that it not only analyzes a website’s SEO but also checks the speed and security of the website. It will show results in a beautiful way with issues and descriptions.

You can try it yourself and if you like it, you can upgrade to a pro version.

8. Serpstat

serpstat research

And the last tool on my list is Serpstat. Really nice tool that has cool features. it is used by companies like Samsung, Loreal, Philips.

They offer many cool features like keyword research, search analysis, advertising analysis, rank tracking, competitor research, on-page audit, reports, and much more.

With these tools, you can improve your websites’ performance greatly. It is a great SEO and marketing tool. Has a blog page and also API which can be a great tool for developers.

Serpstat has monthly and annual plans. You can choose from their four different pricing plans.


Every website needs to be optimized for SEO. Other than plugins, you definitely should use SEO tools to improve your websites’ ranking. And these premium tools will help you to do that.

Also, if you don’t want to spend money or want to just taste how these tools work, you can use free tools like UberSuggest.

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