OoohBoi Steroids: Awesome Elementor Widgets

Default Elementor widgets lack some design abilities. But now we have a new amazing plugin with a weird name – OoohBoi Steroids. Maybe the name is awkward, but the plugin is not.

OoohBoi Steroids is a little plugin that instead of adding new widgets, it adds different style and customize options to Elementor widgets, and with a little tweaking, you get really great results.

How OoohBoi Steroids Work?

It works really simply. After you install the plugin it adds different options to your text, image, or any other sections you create with Elementor. You can then tweak the settings and get really cool results.

OoohBoi gives you the ability to make different size columns, make text vertical, add an underlay layer to images, and much more. This is a great tool if you want your website design to stand out.

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Very easy to use. When you create a section in Elementor, on the side panel you will see OoohBoi tabs. You can then activate which one you want and start tweaking the settings.

It is a new plugin and already has 5-star reviews and more than 30 000 installations on the WordPress plugin repository. Now has over 20 modules and more options coming.

OoohBoi Customization For Elementor

Let’s see all the options and widgets the OoohBoi plugin offers. What they do and how they change Elementor widgets. Is it worth using at all?

Breaking Bad

One of the features of OoohBoi is Breaking Bad which is great for columns. With it, you can create different styles for columns and it is very easy to do. With only Elementor, it’s not possible.

Ooohboi breaking bad widget

You can select the whole section and change its alignment. Also, you can change the column direction. Easier with this plugin than with Elementor.

Also, you can select individual columns and change their width, column order, height, and also make it scrollable. If you have a column with long text, it is a great option to make it scrollable.


Another great option is the Perspektive. With this feature, you can rotate images and other elements and make beautiful designs. Just pick an image, go to the advanced tab, and there you will find it.


It has different settings to change. You can change perspective, rotate X, Y, and Z-axis. You can design it as you wish because it has so many options. Also, you can change visibility and set images under text or vice versa.


A great feature for images is Poopart. With this, you can add different layers to images and make very beautiful and modern designs. You can add images, vectors, colors, or any other element.

ooohboi widgets

You can change settings like opacity, blend mode, position, size, mask, etc. If you are familiar with design tools like Photoshop or Figma, then you will be able to understand it quickly.

I really love this feature because it is very hard to do with default Elementor widgets. Poopart makes it very easy to do it. Really a great additional tool to have in your toolbox.


And another cool and my favorite feature of OoohBoi is Harakiri. With it, you can make text vertical in just one click and create beautiful sections. You can flip the text and change height.

vertical text

Works great with three column layout where you have an image in the center and texts or heading on the sides. I always wanted this feature in Elementor and now I can do it very easily.


A great additional feature for editing images. If you want to add different shapes to your images then you can do it with Photomorph. You can add any kind of shape with a clipping path. You can create custom clip paths here.

You can have a different clip path for hover. For example, you can have a simple image but on hover, it changes to a circle or any other shape. This feature is great for websites with many images.

clip-path ooohboi steroids

There are other features and options in this plugin. These are some of the features I like the most. You can install and try out other options. Tweak and you will see how powerful the plugin it is.


So, if you want to add options and extend default Elementor widgets capabilities, you should try OoohBoi Steroids and see the power for yourself. I highly recommend this plugin to everyone who uses Elementor as their main page builder.

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