7 Best WordPress Plugins On ThemeForest (Envato)

Plugins add functionality to WordPress websites. And there are many great WordPress plugins that you can’t find in the plugins repository. But you can find them on marketplaces.

Perhaps the best marketplace for WordPress plugins and themes is ThemeForest. It is Envato’s marketplace for themes, plugins, HTML templates, etc.

Do You Need Premium WordPress Plugins?

Well, you can find great and powerful free plugins but many times they don’t have the options you are looking for in the free version. And some plugins don’t have a free version at all.

In this situation, you definitely need some premium plugins to achieve the goal. But not all the plugins are good. They may have different problems, can be outdated, badly coded, etc.

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But plugins on this list are great, have many sales, have good ratings, and get updated regularly. So, don’t be afraid.

So, if you want to add another functionality to your website, check these awesome 7 WordPress plugins.

1. Slider Revolution

wordpress plugins slider

Slider Revolution is one of the best and the most popular slider plugin for WordPress. It has over 400 000 sales and good reviews. It is very powerful and easy to use the plugin with amazing UI.

Slider Revolution comes with pre-designed sliders for different sections, carousels, special FX, and animation. You can have a beautiful slider on your website in minutes. Also, the plugin includes add-ons like particles, before/after, morph, reveal, and more.

2. Bookly


If you want to add booking and scheduling functions to your website, then you should try Bookly. It has had over 30 000 sales since 2014 and it has regular updates. New additions to the plugin are Zoom and Zapier integrations.

The plugin has a great UI and it is very easy to use. Bookly features are booking form, booking list exporting, analytics, WooCommerce integrations, multi-language support, and much more.

3. FS Poster

FS poster wordpress plugins

Another great plugin is FS Poster which will make your life easier. This plugin allows you to automatically publish your posts on social media. It is a great way to save time and just concentrate on your work.

The plugin supports Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Linked In, Reddit, and other major social networks. With this plugin, you save time, keep social media fresh, and increase traffic.

4. Ultimate Membership Pro

membership wordpress plugins

If you are looking for membership WordPress plugins, stop looking because Ultimate Membership Pro is the best. It allows you to create and work with multi-level exclusive access for your members.

With this plugin you can set access rules, offer unlimited subscriptions, a great dashboard, integrations with PayPal, Stripe, Zapier, etc. Also, social login, coupons, free trials, custom fields, email marketing, and much more.

5. WooCommerce Email Customizer

woocommerce email customizer

Every online store sends emails and these emails must be beautiful. Here comes WooCommerce Email Customizer with great features. With this plugin, you can customize your emails as you wish.

It comes with a drag & drop builder, email elements, settings for email, preview. Included elements are text, divider, images, button, menu, order details, order total, and much more.

6. FileBird

filebird orginizer

Filebird is a great little plugin that helps you to organize your WordPress media files. You can create different folders for different files like images, fonts, and store them in dedicated folders.

You can easily store, create, or delete files in folders. If you have many media files, then you must install this plugin. Also, it has a free version that can be found in the plugin repository.

7. YellowPencil

yellowpencil css editor

Another amazing plugin is YellowPencil which is a visual CSS editor. It allows you to customize your website CSS very easily. If you are a developer or want to have a developer-friendly feature, then this is a great option for you.

This is a simple plugin. Just choose the element or section on your website and you can create your CSS in the editor and see the result immediately. It also has tools like measurement and wireframe. It is like web development in WordPress.


So, if you want to try different WordPress plugins and add functionalities to your website, then try these plugins. They are affordable and high-quality products that Envato guarantees.

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