How To Create Polls In WordPress

Polls are a great way to engage with your audience. And it is also great for collecting data. To create polls in WordPress, you need just one plugin.

And the plugin is Forminator. Actually, it is a forms plugin but you can create polls and quizzes too. Very powerful plugin.

With Forminator it is very easy to create polls. It has a good and easy-to-understand interface and you can create it very fast. Also, you can create an unlimited number of polls.

Why Polls Are Important

Having polls on your website has many advantages. It is one way to get engaged with your audience, understand what they like, or just have fun.

But also, you can create different polls and collect data for future analysis. It is like a survey. If you want to collect some data, polls are a great option.

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Also, people love polls and it will attract more people to your website. You can share these polls on social media and increase your traffic and audience.

Now, let’s dive in and see how easy and fun is to create polls in this amazing free plugin.

Create Polls With Forminator

Forminator makes things easy for everyone. It is not a complicated plugin and if you are trying it for the first time you won’t be stuck.

After the installation, go to the Forminator dashboard and click the Create button in the polls section and give your poll a name.

create poll

Before starting, click the Publish button to save beforehand and it allows you to see a preview of your poll. When you save, it gives you the shortcode but you don’t need it yet.

In order to create a form, you need to fill in the inputs. Fill the question field, upload an image if you have one, and add as many answers as you need. It allows you to input some descriptions too.

Polls Appearance

The next step is to make your polls attractive. Beautiful polls will attract more people. So, try to create beautiful, professional polls.

In the Appearance section, you can change the style of your poll to make it more engaging. You can change appearance, colors for different sections, padding, border, and even add some custom CSS.

poll appearance

With the help of the appearance module, you can create polls that really stand out from other simple and unpleasant polls and forms. Design is crucial for websites and forms.

Polls Behavior

This is a very important section. Here you will determine how your poll will work and behave. It allows you to turn on and off the results, or show them after submission.

Also, you can show or hide the vote count. And if you want you can open, pause, or close polls at a specific date, or make it open forever. Also, set limits per user.

If you want to be notified about poll updates, you can send it to your email and be updated all the time.

forminator poll

After you finish the tweaking, click the Update button and go to the Forminator dashboard, where you’ll see your newly created poll. Click on the little gear icon and copy the shortcode.

Now, you can insert this shortcode anywhere on your website – on pages, posts, widgets, sidebars, etc. You have a professional and beautiful poll that was created in minutes.

You can create as many polls as you want and see the result on the WordPress dashboard. If you go to Forminator >Submission, there you will see all the submissions.


So, if you want to create polls on your website, it is very easy to do. The plugin gives you all the tools and features you need to create beautiful, attractive, and engaging polls. And it’s totally free. Also, with Forminator, you can create quizzes and forms such as contact, register, etc.

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