How To Set Up SmartCrawl SEO Plugin

If you have a blog and want to rank higher on Google, you need a good SEO. Smartcrawl is a great SEO plugin that will help you to create posts with good SEO.

SmartCrawl is a powerful and easy-to-use plugin from WPMU DEV that makes other great plugins like Hummingbird, Forminator, Defender, etc. With it, you will easily tweak SEO settings.

In this post, you will learn how to install, set up, and configure this plugin for better results.

Just go to plugins, search for it, activate, and follow this instruction and you will be ready to rock with SEO.

SmartCrawl SEO Checkup

The first thing you will do after installing the plugin is to run an SEO checkup. It will check your entire website – pages and posts – and will give you the overall score and show you what is good and what needs attention.

smartcrawl check

From this dashboard, you can quickly see what problems your website has and solve them immediately.

It also checks if your text is written well and is easy to read. The score is given by the Flesch-Kincaid Test standard.

Make sure everything is green that means good. It will show you which posts and pages are good and which ones need some tweaking.

Title & Meta

Next, you should set title & meta settings. In this section, you will tweak settings on how your post will show on search engines like Google.

Choose what you want to include in your title & meta. Also, set OpenGraph. It manages how your posts will look on social media when you share them.

smartcrawl meta

You can do the same with posts, categories, tags, archives, etc. In the settings section, you can choose the default separator, character length, for title and meta. Also, I always check indexing and the following buttons.


Schema is like a blueprint of your website. What is the structure and how it is built? You need to have a good schema.

You can create your schema with SmartCrawl very easily. Just fill in all the inputs like website name, logo, branding, social accounts, etc.

Also, tell it what is your contact and about the pages. You can enable or disable schema markup for different kinds of archives. It is up to you what you want to markup.


Also, very important for search engines is your sitemap. Google indexes your pages and posts with sitemaps. When you create a Google Search Console, it connects to your sitemap.

Choose what you want to include in a sitemap. I always choose posts, pages, categories. I don’t include tags because I don’t use them at all.


In the settings, you can choose to auto-notify search engines about sitemap changes, include or exclude CSS, and automatic updates.

If you want advanced features like reporting and crawler, you have to buy a pro version.

Other great features of SmartCrawl are its settings. If you go there you can set an analysis for your website. You can choose what you want to be checked.

It can check only your content or the whole website.


Also, from here you enable different modules like OpenGraph, social, schema. etc.

In Advanced Tools, it has built-in URL redirection and Robots.txt editor. Also, it can be integrated with Moz.

This is a very powerful plugin and not a simple SEO plugin. A great team behind it and I love their plugins. All their plugins work really great. I highly recommend any of their plugins.


Because SEO is very important you need to have a great plugin and SmartCrawl is the best in my opinion. If you using any other one just give it a try and you will see how cool this plugin is.

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